Problem with pre order dlc and iphone application



I don’t know if there is an fr support so Im posting here,

I have a problem with the dlc monster, I type the code in the psn but I have nothing to download, and when I try to re type it, it say this code is already use.

For iphone application I unlock feature in the game for my hunters but on my Ps4 I don’t see them.

Thanks to help me.

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This is likely due to the fact that the DLC Monster isn’t out yet. There is literally nothing to download. When it is released to the populace, you’ll be prompted to download it I assume, or you could use your code then.


Hey, in case of the iPhone App, make sure that you are logged in to your 2K account on both devices (App + PS4 Game).

The DLC Monster is not out yet and you can’t play with it until it is released even if you have the preorder code. This will only grant you free access to the dlc once it is released. Until then, it won’t appear on PSN so you can’t find it there.


All right, thanks you for the answer.

And for the application do you have an explication ?


Yes Im logging on both devices.


I have to say I could not find a way to see my character progress in the game from one of the main menus. It only seems to appear after a match or when choosing a character at the beginning of one. Did anyone find this in the stats you can open from the main menu?


Yes I see that, you can only custom your caracter before a game, not in the menu. On my iphone I have maggie with 3 stars every where but in the game I have only what I won during my games.


I have the exact same problem! like when i typed in my first code it gave me the option to download but i skipped that and pressed enter another code, and after that it didn’t give me the option to download! D:


I checked my account now and there was no progress for me in the main PS4 game. But then I found out that the progress you achieve in the App campaign is not the progress which should carry over to the main game. Instead, inside the app you should got to ‘Connect to Evolve’ (the place inside the app where you can watch replays) and there you should see a new third button which only appears when you have bought and connected you Evolve game on PS4. There you can spend the ingame currency you earned to progess your hunters from the main game.

For the PS4 DLCs. Turns out, there was also now download for me concerning the Skins etc which you get as a Preorder Bonus. Only think i could download where the magma skins because of the season pass which was included in the bigger PSN Edition of the game. Anyway, i still had all the skins an bonuses activated inside the game, even if I could not see them in the PSN Store or somewhere else. Next time you are on the character selection screen, check out goliath and there should be an option right under his name which lets you change skins