Problem downloading dlc with Monster Race Evolve


I have evolve pc on steam and i earn a code with evolve and all dlc,monster race right? but when i try to use the code, steam says that i have all the content but i have only the game as always and nothing is downloaded, what happen?


@TheMountainThatRoars can you help him out? I’m more on the console side of things, so I can’t really help here.


So you’ve been in the game and the characters are locked?


Yes,i had evolve since 1 year or more,i played it today after try to activate the code and saw the message and all is locked


1 year ago PCMR was not released. Even so, why would you buy a whole new copy of the s probably why it doesn’t work.


Man,when the game was released u could buy deluxe edition with season pass 1 and monster race edition with both season pass,and i have this code because my friend,who had it a lot of time ago,gave it to me,and i know that u can just download the dlc content on pc because the 2k support said it to me but doesnt work now,i have the typical message of steam:you have this product adcquired,click on install…but is strange,i havent that button now and looks like i didnt buy anithing,doesnt appear like bought on shop or account


Hi Abel, what was the exact message you received when you entered the code?


the typical message of Steam when you activate the code of a game that already have: product already purchased your account, click on install, but there isnt the button to install , I can only click the button to end and nothing happens,and i havent the dlc anywhere


Have you tried to boot up the game? Just to make sure.


I said it,i played the game after that,even i close steam and played later,nothing new


Sorry, this whole thing is just a bit confusing. Your friend gave you a code for Evolve PC Monster Race, right?

But you already own Evolve, correct?

When you enter said code it tells you that you already own that product.

My guess is that the code is not for the PCMR edition of the game.


U understood all and yes it is,i think there is an error because when i try to activate a game that i own i have the button to install it and now there isnt


Right, that is why I think the code is not for PCMR. Unfortunately I think you’ll need to contact Steam support. Or you can wait until tomorrow when TRS are back in the office.


But if the code was normal that button was there…anyway i will have to wait more help


You already have evolve installed though. So if the code Washington for the normal version, which is what I suspect, there would be no install button.


Why not? as i said,even if u have installed a game , when u try to activate the same game u have the option useless to install,happened me that with a lot of games


Well I’ve never tried to purchase a game I already own, but it would make sense that steam would not let you install a game that’s already installed.


Steam let u , i know it,i hope that the support help me with this


Best place to start is here:


i did too, looks like 2k sup doesnt help