Probably the worst game I've ever had


I was a Goliath, the other team was:

I gave them all a strike, then evolved to stage 2 and gave them most of them another strike. I evolved to stage three, got my armor and headed to the core, this is what I saw:

Shield drone SUPER high up with Val standing on top of it. My rock throw couldn’t reach but everyone I was hitting was getting shielded then healed by Val still on top of the drone.

Full health, full armor, slowly reducing to nothing especially with tarvold and Sunnys nukes battering me. I was slowed by Abe’s stasis grenades.

I had this game easily if it wasn’t for Sunnys drone/Val high up exploit. I don’t see any way around this, a game breaker for me.


Sigh. Yes, this is an extremely disheartening exploit. Fortunately it’s being fixed but since it requires new coding, according to MacMan, it’ll take a little longer. To be fair not too many people abuse this, so it’s not too unbearable right now.

This is why I end my fights at Stage 2.


I haven’t seen anyone do this in any of the games I’ve played, but it’s probably worse than the unreachable locations in certain maps. It’s not gonna happen very often. Find a new lobby, problem solved.


Yes, but it is frustrating when you’re having a fun game and it’s ruined because some clown felt the need to cheat.


Yeah, but it happens. With this they know about it and they’re working on it - it’ll probably be patched out the next time we get an update. I’ve played with people with infinite jetpack and against Monsters with no cooldowns - I usually try to beat them anyway then move on to a new lobby. It’s not literally gamebreaking if only a very small minority of particularly douchey people are doing it.


Yes. And I honestly don’t care. I take it as a personal victory and laugh it off.


Can’t you attack through shield drone anyway? And with 2 strikes, Sunny, Abe, and Torvald would die really quickly.
Dunno how you’d kill Val afterwards, though.


Well when this happens, all ya gotta do is open a dimensional drift on your monitor leading to the people that exploited it. Reach your fist in, and punch them right in the face. TADA!!!


should have not went stage 3^^


“But it’s not cheating if it’s in the game, right?”


unless you have a bad medic or damage perk and a level 3 rock throw or lighting strike that won’t happen.


It’s Torvald, not Tarvold.


You should get a twitch so I can watch you and shin play ^.^