Probably the least important Behemoth bug ever


I almost feel bad bringing it up actually…

This is so very insignificant that most probably will never notice but sometimes you can see though the backs of his big rocky shoulder pads. This happens a lot in games where the back of an object is never meant to be see so it is never completed so when you see it from that angle you see straight through the object even though you shouldn’t be able to… At times you can see under Behemoth’s shoulder plates and you just see what is in front of him, instead of the bottom of the rocky shoulder guard as you should. As I said it is pretty insignificant but when the in-game models are so gorgeous and you find yourself staring at them for extended periods the little things kind of stand out.

You should not be able to see through this area, from the front view it is solid rock armor.
Little visual flaws really bug me though because I’m very detail orientated.


sadly theres waaayyyy bigger fish to fry when it comes to behemoth bugs


Agreed, that’s why I posted this in the format I did. Though since I did notice it, I felt the need to post.


These kinds of things are always distracting but they almost always show up in every game: floating objects, clipping objects, solid things with holes or gaps (like Behemoth here, or edges of walls/floors/debris;) there always seems to be some bit of geometry someplace that isn’t doing what you expect it to be doing.


Yeah, just about every developer misses things like this. Though hopefully once all the other big stuff is fixed they can tidy things up a bit.


I find that that kind of thing happens in most third person view games when you go up to a wall and try to adjust the view to look right at your character. Maybe try increasing your Fov value in options and it might not happen?

Not saying its not an issue but I think it can be mitigated enough to put it off for a little while


I can’t I’m on Xbox but you can still see it when Behemoth is walking forward from the standard angle, I just looked up to get a better view of it.


There is also a weird texture bug on his back, where the shiny meaty underside meets his leathery skin. When you have full armor the meaty part stays pitch black and the armor glows like a light bulb, leaving a very noticeable flat straight line with a sharp corner. Very abrupt and pretty awful to stare at. Again, SUPER MINOR stuff but still.