Probably the Best Suggestion I Ever Heard for Wraith

Read the OP. I said they still take damage, it’s just reduced. The illusion makes it seem as though the Decoy is the real thing. Implement this correctly and Decoy will be less cheesy and more of an actual trick.

Out of curiosity, what do you guys think? @MaddCow @PeirsPryce

Reminds me of mine. ^.^

But I wanted it to do no damage, and actually be a decoy.

This isn’t genius. :wink:

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So… the Decoy… This ability that everybody yells at cause it’s used to flee combat…
This one, you want to modify it so that you CANNOT know it’s a Decoy, and even leave false tracks…

Yup, sure.
You like Stage 3 fight right ?

Here is my problem with Wraith as she stands.

  1. Decoy does a ridiculous amount of damage, but no longer provides any utility at all.
  2. All the monsters have a bursty skill shot, lightning strike, rock throw, but Wraith doesnt as much. Warp blast does decent damage, but not on par. Supernova was in a good spot, but now the duration has effectively nerfed it to pieces as a way to do significant damage. This patch really encourages decoy spam imo. Not to mention that warp blast is slower and much easier to dodge now.
  3. Her traversal covers very little ground, very slowly. While her traversal never got her very far, it was very fast, which allowed for quick in combat maneuvers (especially needed when fighting Laz). Now, because of how much slower her movements are, I honestly feel like I have been tranqed the entire game.
  4. For all the nerfs she got, she didnt get a single buff to compensate (you could argue warp blast damage I suppose, but the speed and distance got nerfed making it much more difficult to land. Her armor and HP are so low, you would think she should be a bursty monster, but her abilities dont support that play style. Pre patch wraith was my second best monster to Kraken (I didnt even touch decoy), but now I dont even play her :’(

Wraith imo is vastly under powered at this point. To illustrate my point, I have a story! :slight_smile:
So I was in this pub game. I was the only one with monster qued. So I play the first two matches as Goliath, and the next two as Kraken. The never got through my armor. Two of those were even stage one wins. Not bragging just illustrating a point. For my fifth game I say screw it and switch to my nerfy Wraith friend… they force me all the way to stage three, and down to two bars of HP. Maybe I just suck at Wraith? (She is a close second for my best monster) Maybe they are just pro Wraith fighting pubs? (ha) my point is, Wraith now depends on painful mistakes to be made by the hunters in order to win. Yes, you can still win playing Wraith, but it is extremely difficult, and honestly not much fun anymore.

Thats my opinion :stuck_out_tongue: oh, and with the op, just lower the damage! Have it do the wraiths base melee damage. One point, is like a stage one Wraith hitting you, two like a stage two wraith… no one will buy that it is the real thing when it does three times as much damage as the wraith


Post your opinion here too. ^.^

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That better @MidnightRoses

Thanks. I never sleep anyway.

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Yay I helped
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What about a system that would send the Decoy the direction your facing? That way it wouldn’t end up warping in a circle and then end up going the same direction as you.

This way, it could be use more than a spam, like send it in a specific direction to mislead the hunters, rather than having it just barge into the hunters. Similar to lets say Slim’s healing drone or Gobi. (would still attack things that get in its way, and decoy needs a damage nerf).

Just a thought

Which is still dumb and it will be obvious in a day

Decoy is fine how it is! Who has a problem with an invincible aimbotting replica of the wraith that takes down a hunter to 25% health in a couple seconds?! Perfect how it is!

I would rather just make it so decoy does ZERO damage but the cloaking effect is enhanced somehow, so she could actually use it as a DECOY to escape or misdirect.

Agreed. IF decoy is going to do zero damage, then it has to appear to be the real thing and last long enough for Wraith to escape or reposition as you said.

Could make decoy behave the opposite as it does now, make it flee the hunters when it is engaged as to send them off on a goose chase. Make it last a good 15 seconds so Wraith can either go in another direction or get in behind the hunters. Would be sweet to send out a decoy, have the hunters go running after it and then wait in a bush until they pass and ambush them.

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Which is kind of how the trailer made the decoy seem. The problem I see though is that it has to seem real until the point it disappears, there can’t be any giveaway that its not the real Wraith.

I do not see how it’s “dumb” and I doubt that it will be recognizable at all.

It’s easily recognizable. Think about it. Why would anyone use a move that gives the illusion of damage. How would that even work?

Make the healthbar look like it’s going down, give knockback- it’d look exactly like the real deal attacking you. When Decoy ends it would have an indicator that the damage was an illusion- VO, healthbar flashes white, and it shows true health values again. Decoy would still do decent damage though.