Probably the Best Suggestion I Ever Heard for Wraith


“Here’s an idea: Lower the damage Decoy does significantly- VERY significantly- but add a feature that gives all Hunters the illusion of losing health a lot more than they actually are. The illusion ends with Decoy, and Decoy doesn’t flicker when shot anymore.”

Tell me this isn’t genius.


Wouldn’t that only work the first time you encounter the decoy? After that you would know what to expect, not sure it would be that much different than what we have now.


How would you know what to expect? It’s not like you’d really notice it was decoy or not other than it;s more obvious ai movements.


Because when they shoot it they’ll notice the monsters health bar isn’t appearing or if its already up, its not losing health.


Fake health bar that drains normally.

I think at that point it would actually be too powerful, though, because you could potentially waste a ton of time, allowing the Wraith to get too far away.


This, exactly this. Make the Decoy a real illusion, while keeping its damage to make it useful. And you could make it last a little longer too.

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I got one of our lovely moderator to change my name to MidnightRoses now, so the quote won’t work.
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