Probably a dumb question

This is forum specific. How do you do the evolve emoji things? I see them from time to time in posts, and have no idea how to make them lol. Does it matter that I pretty much only ever go on the forums on my iPhone?

: monster : = :monster:
Just close the dots to the word and itll do the do

Thanks man

Theres also the
: medic : = :medic:
: trapper : = :trapper:
: assault : = :assault:
: support : = :support:
: goliath_roar : = :goliath_roar:
: kraken_stare : = :kraken_stare:
: wraith : = :wraith:
Same goes for all hunters with their names, i’d do em all but zomg theres so many ;-;

Awesome thanks =D mostly only needed them for my bio for now lol. Wanted to show who I had elited

Never even knew these existed O.o

I just tried to do them all a while ago… SOOOOOOO MANY

10 charbrah

Cry evertim!

:markov_cute: : : Markov_cute :
Theres my useful tip cause Quirkly got this covered :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck.

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:monster: testing 10chars

:behemoth: did it work?

Behemoth doesn’t have one yet :<