Pro-Wrestling icon former WWE Superstar Chyna found dead, she was 45


It is with deep sadness to inform you that we lost a true icon, a real life superhero. Joanie Laurer aka Chyna, the 9th wonder of the world, has passed away,said a post on her website.

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Her career during her time on the WWE (then WWF) was a milestone not only her but also for the company, where she was bile as the Ninth Wonder of the World.

Starting as a bodyguard enforcer for the biggest faction during the Attitude Era, along side Triple H, Shawn Micheals and Rick Rude they formed the orignal members of th faction D-Generation X

She was the first woman in the WWE to compete in the Royal Rumble and King of the Ring tournament, she often went toe-to-toe against some male wrestlers.

Even becoming the first woman to hold the Intercontinental championship as well as becoming the first woman to be a number one contender for WWF Championship.
She held the Women’s Championship during her last year run with the company where she dominated the women’s division before leaving the company in November of 2001 after she successfully defended the title against Lita during the pay-per-view No Mercy. Vacating the title after he absence.

She modeled for Playboy during her time with the company and another time after she left the company.

She left the WWE in 2001 after her contract ended and after found out that her then real life boyfriend Triple H had been having an affair with Stephanie McMahon (Daughter of WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon) and had left Chyna for her.
After meeting with Vince McMahon about the situation with Stephanie and Triple, she was sent home and was later sent a fax telling her that she was not needed anymore.

She was taken off the air and she was swept under the rug after then. Triple H and Stephanie wound up marrying in real life in 2003.

Despite her interest to go back into the company year after year, every time she was met with a reply saying that the company was not interested and that they didn’t need her.

After Wrestling with WWE, bad stuff, acting and becoming an adult actress model.

A lot of bad stuff started to float around internet about her and former fiance and DX member X-Pac.
Bouncing around doing reality tv and battled with drug addiction. She also did about six adult films and repriced the role of She-Hulk on two occasion in 2013.

A few years ago she got clean, became vegan and moved to Japan where she taught English.

A fan talking about Chyna’s death on a vlog


It’s so sad how WWE has treated her like shit after the Triple H/Stephanie affair. Any accomplishment she had and what she did with the industry was swept under rug and made up dumb reasons as to why they don’t want anything to do with her.

Her contract made it virtually impossible for her to work in wrestling or even the entertainment.

I found out about her death on reddit, reading a tweet by her rep thinking it was prank or that she simply got hacked. I only found out it was true when I read the TMZ news.

I was thinking that she got better after 2010 and got her life together again. She was suppose to do a documentary last year wasn’t she?

Condolences to her friends and family.


Eddie Guerrero , Randy Savage, Andre the Giant, Big Bossman and now Chyna so many legends i know ince my childhood we hv must say goodbye -.-


RIP. I’m sorry her life was made more difficult by her time in the WWE. That business(Vince) breaks a lot of people.


She truly was a Wonder of the World. Even Beth Phoenix could barely hold a match to China. And she was only 45, taken too soon. :cry: