Pro Wraith; Streamer; Youtuber; etc; Out of Patience - I gave it all I got

No Turtle Rock, I’m not sorry. You guys should be sorry. I’ve given this game everything I’ve got. Each patch you release breaks the game more and more to the point where it’s not even remotely fun to play anymore. Indeed you’ll probably get to it eventually, but there is a shopping list of things which has spoiled my interest in this game:

  1. You don’t know what Quality Assurance is, that is for sure. And you should consider firing everyone on your current QA department because they aren’t doing their jobs.
  2. Your patches are so slow to come that I’m not looking forward to play several weeks with broken mechanics you knew were broken even in the preview Streams. Some people can still endure it, but it’s been 2 months and this game only pisses me off now. I should enjoy the game, not feel enraged when I take time to play.
  3. You don’t take time to appreciate the hard working people in your community. You only favor Twitch Streamers; that’s it. Youtubers get little to no love for busting their ass making content for you guys. Instead you shower Twitchers with pre-releases and special invites.Very unfortunate.
  4. You don’t know how to handle proper feedback and over adjust in a very heavy handed manner each patch without taking time to properly test your adjustments with the right people.
  5. Your game is more trouble than it’s worth. Every release you have some huge issue you guys didn’t foresee and spend “hours” trying to fix it. The Xbox progress glitches, the PC Monster Race packs not working, etc.
  6. Dirty, underhanded over-pricing and manipulative Season Passes which exclude cherry picked DLC.
  7. A Contract with Microsoft giving them exclusive access to stuff they want when they want it. Can’t take that exclusive BS.
  8. The community is dying, quickly, and frankly I see why. I’m now jumping the ship and going to walk away from this game for a few months until you fix your shit or finally get back to my Wraith Feedback and want some follow up.

Seriously, you guys are doing more harm than good and every time I see you guys do something to the game you just break it. I can now see why it took you guys so long to release this game in the first place – you seriously have issues doing your jobs. This is a joke of AAA game.

In the words of Angry Joe: "You dun fucked it up!"


Just a note that if you would have got in touch with 2K, if you have a good viewerbase on Youtube, they’d likely have given you some pre-release love too :slight_smile:

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They added micropatching so updates for balance will roll out quicker

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This frankly sounds full of rage because you didn’t get attention.

No, please don’t go and try to kill me, that would not end well. I’m merely saying how it looks like. Might wanna put a disclaimer on or something.


Sounds like Evolve isn’t for you. If you’re fed up with glitches/patching procedure/being ignored, then it probably is best you take a break. No one is forcing you to stay and I’m assuming TRS is doing the best they can to make the game enjoyable/playable for the player base. If you don’t feel that way or feel that your feedback is ignored, either continue trying to post insightful/thoughtful improvement posts or take a break.

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2 - As Aggro said, patches will be coming much faster now. They previously didn’t have a good system for delivering them quick and easy. Now they do.

3 - They do in fact appreciate us. Look at the community events, free stuff like maps and game modes, and the fact they even let us have a huge alpha and beta prior to release.

4 - The only character vastly changed was Wraith. You can’t complain about patches coming slow then say they patched too fast at the same time.

5 - That’s what happens when things are changed in a big way. Just gotta deal with it, but if you can’t like the game then so be it.

7 - It’s timed exclusive access and it’s for stuff the entire community will be getting for free so why are you complaining about something that’s free?

Lastly, if you think you can make a better game then go for it. They take feedback from the community as a whole, not just from you, so don’t expect every change you want to happen to happen. Those that wish to stick around and help make this game better little by little will do so but if you give up because of a single patch then so be it.


If I wanted to write my impression of an Angry Joe review, that is, highlighting only the worst issues with a game and wildly exaggerating them, well… It still wouldn’t be this overblown, but it’s fitting that you quote a talentless hack who talks shit about games for YouTube views (if that’s what you’re into, No Punctuation is actually funny - Angry Joe with his props is the Carrot Top of negative game reviews). Nothing has drastically changed for the worse between yesterday and today and all kinds of new stuff came around, the community has had a steady core but the playerbase has deviated predictably, and one of your chief complaints is a fucking skin not unlocking. (BTW, that skin is now unlocked, on the actual release date of Behemoth.)

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Honestly, I don’t see the justification in any of this.

No QA? Slow patches? At least Evolve got a patch and compared to many “AAA” titles out there Evolve shipped relatively intact and got very fast support with developers very active in the community.

From what I’ve seen & read, TRS spent plenty of time working on a massive patch and tested it as much as they could. They didn’t cater to a certain group of players as many people complain (tournament players, streamers, casuals), nor should they. But it is best to remember that consoles are very restrictive on how patches are released. This is why TRS needed one big, well tested patch and plans for micro-patching. The speed of which this was delivered was very fast compared to other companies. I remember giving up on Battlefield 3 and after 3 months of Destiny I dropped that as well. Not two months after the release of Evolve we got a very detailed patch that the community was heavily involved in.

The Seasons Pass was a Hunting Seasons pass. I don’t like how this was marketed, but it advertised for nearly 2 months exactly what you got.

edit: spelling

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Stopped reading at “Pro Wraith” player.

Just kidding…sort of…not really. You seem to be ignorant in regards to the patch system TS has been developing as well as their DLC schedule/framework, which was never sugar-coated or kept secret. If you find their strategy to maintain revenue so as to continue supporting their niche experience “dirty”, than perhaps you should walk way.

With that said, your claims/statements are filled with nothing but your own opinions and accusations with absolutely NO evidence to back anything you’re saying up. How is their QA bad? How are they favoring Twitch players and how the hell are Youtubers creating content for TS (would really like to know this)? I’m not trying to be rude, but in my opinion, you sound like nothing more than an entitled brat who is mad that your Wraith got balanced. Deal with it Mr. “Pro” and adapt. Enjoy the game and understand that you’re a customer who purchased a product. Not all products are going to be perfectly made to fit you. That’s life.


Guys he’s mainly mad that wraith got nerfed as indicated by the title Pro Wraith.

Also your videos have less then 1000 views so obviously they aren’t gonna give you special treatment. Your “Content” is just you talking about changes you want with gameplay as background footage. Those twitch streamers get several thousand views on their streams.

The OP is entitled to his opinion without being called names :smile:

  1. Blanket statement of hostility with no actual argument.

  2. They announced that they will be able to do micro-patches now, so that concern is addressed. As for the mechanics complaint - blanket statement of hostility with no actual argument.

  3. I haven’t really followed their policy on youtube and twitch content, and I’m mostly indifferent to it.

  4. I disagreed with about half of the changes in the balance patch, but the Wraith traversal and Warp Blast speed nerf changes were completely necessary due to the easy Dome dodges.

  5. So bugs on release means “more trouble than it’s worth”? The game has only gotten better for me in that regard - it has been getting far less buggy.

  6. How is it dirty or underhanded if it is announced outright? How is it manipulative?

  7. I’m not a fan of the Microsoft thing, but I believe all content will be available in time to all platforms - not lasting exclusivity.

  8. Personally I’m enjoying the game more than ever now, and I have high hopes for its future.

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True but I stopped caring at angry joe I am sorry but he does terrible reviews.

On topic however if you want to leave go I won’t stop but don’t expect a welcome back party when you calm down


Chris talks about this at 21:05 to 22:30 in this stream and how they rather throw out content faster and being able to tweak things with the amount community feedback is way quicker than only internal testing for long periods of time.

Micropatching went live with 2.0. Balance patches now can be deployed very quick if necessary, even on console.

Start streaming on twitch than. Or even get in touch with the community manager yourself. I’m pretty sure she would be happy to hook someone up with this kind of stuff.

The balance patch was (short of some small questionable tweaks) on point.

That’s what happens if your not perfect in all aspects of your very existence.

Yeah, no. Read, buy. Or don’t.

It’s happening everywhere in the gaming industry and if it’s only 1 month it’s totally fine. More money means more content sooner. And I’d rather have TRS getting more money out of these kind of deals than see an increase of prices for dlc, just because I’m a cheapskate.

Actually it’s growing. slowly. But I guess it’s a matter of perspective. Things that get older tend to die sometime.

Oh, and Wraith is fine like… even better than before.



For reals though… Roy’s right. New wraith is freakin’ sexy.

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You sir just won the internet with a pic of my favorite anime of all time :thumbsup:

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Kindly refrain from telling them to fire anyone. That’s absolutely uncalled for.


This isn’t a AAA game, it was just picked up by a sleezy AAA publisher, 2K.

It is NOT a Season Pass, it is a HUNTING SEASON Pass. Terrible wording on 2K’s part.

Let us hope they make monsters the OP Boss Monsters they used to be.

Shoo you filthy pubs.

what anime is that?