Pro tips needed to Elite Abe


I guess you all know which one I am talking about, Tagging the monster from 60 feet away. I only managed this once so far in a match against Goliath :cry:

It seems almost impossible to manage this (without kindda cheating) in matches against Wraith.
I have already done the Evolve App so at least 50% are already done. However, do you have some useful tips for me? I would really like to get it done in proper Online matches and not by doing some Offline stuff.

And I have 1 particular question to the Abe Pros here, do multiple shots with the dart gun count for this challenge or does only one shot after the other count? e.g. I see the monster from 60 feet away and able to shoot 5 darts into it at the same time.

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Nope it does not. To be more specific, you need to put new darts in. If the monster is already tracked, it wont count toward the mastery.

Ping him before you dart him to get a range reading if you are unsure of whether or not the distance is 60+ meters or not.
If the situation allows it, back up to make up the difference in the distance.
Enter the “scope mode” before you shoot for greater accuracy.
Certain maps will be more ideal for this mastery. You want as few sight line obstructions as possible so you can see a monster at 60+ meters for a chance at getting the mastery.
If you aren’t in a rush this mastery will come with time.


get cabot to dust tag before you dart


Do it in defend against bots, you shouldn’t wait online to shoot the monster


^This. Defend is the go to mode for grinding. Just grab Cabot and Val, jump into Defend without a time limit, and keep darting it from 60m. That’s how I’m doing it.


If you’re playing local anyway Kraken is probably the best Monster to work most masteries on since he flies (which gives him a little more distance even in the dome), he has a big old noggin (headshots, woo!), and he’s slower than the rest.


Colonial water and power on defend against the kraken has huge sightlines and makes it easy to land shots.

I do recommend just doing it solo because the darts don’t count if the monster is already tagged…which basically means in a normal match the monster eating your darts works against it.