Pro Monster or Pro Team?


Which one do you think wins more when these two forces of epic proportions clash?

I personally think pro monsters win against skilled teams than vice versa due to the fact that you need not to rely on anyone else.


Someone posted the other day that 75% of matches are won by monsters, but when i asked where that number came from i didnt get a reply. I watched a tournament the other day and it really felt like the hunters won more but who knows. Wish there was an actual statistic somewhere.


it’s pretty even, it think. the hunters can combo their abilities a lot more, but the hunters cant disable one of the monsters moves for two minutes whereas the monster can and does. not only that, but the “move” comes back less effective. but, the monster can also permanently lose health. each side has some kind of advantage but they balance out in the end.


Monster. Goliath in particular.

One rock throw is basicly a down if it lands and it only has 8 seconds of cooldown.

In other words in a 20 minute game he has a huge pool of down opportunities with rock throw.

Assuming he manages to land any of them.


To be honest I agree with this…


I hate the term “pro”, but here’s at it.

A highly experienced team working together is a major force to be reckoned with. Each hunter has abilities and weapons that remove part of the game from the monsters list of available abilities. From anti-stealth dogs to x-ray vision bats, artillery to jetpack boosters, an experienced team that plays together can be an absolute shut-down to a monster.

That being said, a highly experienced monster is a wrecking force in itself… He/she isn’t dependent on others, and can constantly play it’s own strengths. Knowing particular combinations of abilities that stunlock, or build extra traversal, just getting the most out of everything you do can brutalize a hunter team.

Also, unlike the monsters… not all the hunters “max out” into competitive play. Someone once told me that only 8 of them are really viable vs. a highly skilled monster. I can’t really confirm this, but it makes me sad.

Combining both of these together… I honestly think that a skilled hunter team would have the advantage. But at the moment, there’s a few bugs/kinks to work out that make some monsters blatantly above the rest :kraken_stare: Once fixed, I think the balance between humans/monsters will be better restored.


I imagine hunters. But it probably depends on the mix of map, hunters chosen and monster chosen.


I’d imagine monsters, lots of exploits right now like skywraith and such
Amazing to watch, hard to counter


Omfg this is exactly the fucking response I wanted to hear! I love MacMan now. The fact that they openly admit this shit is broken makes me feel so much better!!

Monsters can instagib hunter playes so easily that no matter what happens if a single Hunter goes down it will always be GG.

High level monsters get Stage 2 piss easy by just rushing all the food locations killing huge stacks of mammoth birds and basicly just giving themselves the advatage right out of the gate.

I know because I do it all the time vs Hunters in pubs. There rarely if ever is a Stage 1 Fight when you can just rush all the food you may ever need in under a minute to get to Stage 2 and then put 3 points in to whatever burst ability you want. So when the hunters engage they eat a Level 3 Rockthrow and get insta downed. They eat a Banshee Mine pounce/Lightning Strike and they get insta-downed.

They get Abduction bugged from 5m away and then Warp Blasted and they are instantly down.

Behemoth Tongue grabs rock walls and fissure/Lava Bombs and instantly downs someone.

The entire balance of the game is in the monsters hands. A single bad fight immediatly leads to a loss because there is no recovery power whatsoever as a hunter. Its absolutely infuriating when a “fair fight” basicly means “Monster has advantage”.


Alright, if we’re assuming that all these players are of perfectly equal skill the logical assumption is stalemate. But that’s not happening.

So how do you lose a game? You make a mistake.

There is one Monster. He relies on himself, he is one mind.

There are four Hunters. That’s four times as much possibility of someone making a mistake.


Nah. Monsters dont need to land half of their shit half of the time in order to win. They win on principle. The game is geared and balanced in a way currently that Monsters always win.

And it has somehow managed to kill all fun of the game for me now. :confused: Unfortunately I have nothing else to play at the moment.