Pro/Con's of Evolve going free 2 play

This is overly pessimistic, and completely negated by evidence of other games that have dug out new playerbases well after release.

More often then not, games that go free to play only have a short resurgence in their playerbase numbers.
They often end in a worse position for the game and the company managing it.

I’ve done this conversation before, and people will cite the success stories.
Meanwhile One person wins the lottery, while another several hundred thousand dont.
Lets All bet on the 1 lottery winner.

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I agree with that Sledge

I could only see this game become free a year after TRS finally lets go of Evolve


When I first bought the game I could have Tier 3 once I get a star in each Hunter to show some progress.

Sure after a week they came out with a pack where you could get the starter pack (Tier 3) for a price

I’m not even talking exclusively about F2P, just games in general recovering playerbases. It takes more than just updating the game, it takes serious marketing work too.

The reality is that F2P or the current model, the playerbase succeeds in sustainably rising based on the same factors… game quality, ease of entry and how much people hear about the updated reality.

Everyone has gone over this time and again on the forum… this game survives in to the future through the efforts of TRS and their changes in TU9, and 2k/TRS’ marketing strategy to reach new and old players.

F2P vs not F2P is all to do with the economics of the matter and how much more money one can make for 2K compared to the other. If we see F2P it’ll be because 2K see it as a more sustainable business model from that point on.

If F2P fails it is not because it is F2P, it’s because of other things about the game, same as what has happened with Evolve… not to do with its price structure.

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you might actually be right? i was thinking tier 3 was a preorder bonus. it’s been a year so you gotta cut me some slack. :slight_smile:

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makes sense.

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I edited it to be more polite :smile:

Sorry, this 80 degree heat, man it makes me angry

Well, I guess its story time.

A long time ago, there was a game that was released by the developers of a game that was relatively successful and had a strong following. That game was released and immediately attracted those audiences.
Upon launch of the product, the game was an immediate failure to those audiences due to a lack of communication on the business model. The people that initially despised the game, most of them still will not return to the game, their perspective the game is still just as despicable, just in a different manner.

Now, the reason the game was disliked was due to the unique mechanical structure and the asymmetry in character design. The game designers decided that in order to assist with the initial setback of players disliking the style of the game, they kept the business model the same, and instead simplified the game for a new audience. They lowered the power curve, and made it easier for the new players to adapt to the play style (later re-instating the earlier power curve).

This game took 3 years to recover its player base and due to this change and constant release of new content, they were able to build and thrive. Over the course of the 3 years, the game company worked on several projects and did what it needed to do. They worked under contract and sub-contracted a good number of their staff to keep the company afloat.

After the 3 years, this game is arguably, the most popular game that has ever existed within the global gaming economy.

In contrast, there was a game that was paired at release, with a larger following and player base. This game was much more popular when the first game was released, however over time the first game had claimed a large percentage of the market. In response, Game B decide to change its business model, and change from a Pay to Play model, to a free to play mode. This created a large backlash within the community, even though the queues were decreased (which were over 1 hour at points, in the only queue available PRE change, and 5 minute wait POST change), overall the community rejected the change and the game Died within a few months. There are still a few people lingering to that community, however it is in all essence dead.
No Tournaments.
No Players.
No YouTube

Overall, the game that took its time and respected the player base, much like how Turtle Rock Studios has handled the situation, lead to a better final product, and a stronger community.
If you’re wondering which two game studios I was referencing, S2 Games and RIOT.
Heroes of Newerth VS League of Legends.

The amount of regulars that join these threads and bump/increase their traffic is appalling. We’re encouraging people who post arrogant arguments for the sake of sparking controversy in topic matter that gets discussed at least 5 times a week. I’m not the first person to say this, but it’s sickening.

My apologies to @SledgePainter, but I’ve reached the point where I’m tired of listening to people bicker repeatedly about previously discussed topics, despite the fact that… one sec I’ll bold this…

We all know this truth. The trained professionals, who have access to information that we can’t even hypothesise, are working alongside a AAA publisher, with several strong, communities within the E-sports and casual gaming, to improve and assist our community.

So for once, I’m posting.
##Enough is Enough. Stop posting in these threads.
Stop reviving this asinine topic.

We all love this game, and you’re posting in these threads due to your passion, and affection for what Turtle Rock Studios, and Take-Two Interactive have made. Myself and everyone else in these forums, appreciates and respects your affection. I respect that you have an opinion, and you have the right to speak it freely, however the constant repetition of these arguments only incites non-productive discussion that will be counterproductive to your end-goal.

This will be my last post on Any topic involve “Dead Game”, “Free to play” or anything else similar.
If anyone wants to know where I stand you can reference this post.

In Summary:
I Believe in Turtle Rock Studios, and they will do everything they can for us as a community, and the game as a whole.


Will bookmark just in case :wink: oh even if it’s your last post that doesn’t mean you can like things right?


Seriously this thread AGAIN?!

Can’t we ban this topic already -.-


Gross league of legends

hey that’s a great story. 5+ years old at the least. the gaming industry has changed. as far as arrogant. your “story” was enlightening but gets overlooked because you come off as a smart ass prick. you do not need to be like that!

i do not visit the forums much as i do not have the time. as far as a “plan” trs has damn near left the public in the dark about evolve. unless you come on over to their site and let the regulars do a little bashing on the forums.

and seeds, don’t talk to me like that. whether you know who i am or not. been playing evolve a lot longer than you. show some respect and you’ll get it in return.

FTP means more players, sure. But at the end of the day, 2K and TRS need to make money to stay in business. This means they will have to either live off DLC (stuff players can live without, i.e. skins) or have in-game currency (means the game will have unlockable stuff, but you have to grind to get it unless you pay for the micro-transactions, and that’s bad because it’s pay2win).


  • More players


  • TRS can’t make money outside of current DLC
  • IF the game then supports micro-transactions/in-game currency, the game becomes pay2win, since you cannot be in the top 10% unless you drop 4-5 figures into the game.

Sources on F2P micro-transactions being pay2win:

Sometimes the world needs a prick.
Him, as well as many others are just sick and tired of the constant begging for F2P just because.
Also we get it, you don’t come here often, don’t keep remending us!


Steam contains 2,000 + games

Can you tell me 1 FPS game failed to get player base ? That was worth it ?

If evolve has changed to let evolve be easier and provide elements to new players . F2p is a win-win strategy

Shitty half made games / moba games . Should not be looked upon

Evolve is cheap now . The amount of revenue made by DLC is around 5/6 .

On x1

Ark survival evolved is still in progress (rank 10 most games played )

Roblox #17

Smite : moba #18

War frame #24

World of tanks #36

Killer instinct #59

Never winter #75

Some of these games are shitty / half made / down graded graphics / won’t be in this rank if it wasn’t free to play

Evolve is #117

If the game went to f2p

10,000 + will play it . It will in the top 10 most games played .

The games after 2 years of release wouldn’t normally get good profit because it has a life cycle .

Evolve is not selling well . Hard to get new players . The player base is week . The game is cheap . If it went f2p it may get more profits from dlc . Only 2k & TRS can look over the data to get more accurate information .

In 1 week : sunset overdrive has went from #124 to #19 most games played (free with gold)

There are reasons behind stuff. Go look there if you want some answers from TRS Staff.

Lmao. You just had to bring play time into this, didn’t you. Lets see, the game was released in February of last year. Before that, it was open to testing, for what? 6 months? @Seedsy joined in November of 2014, then you joined 2 months later. Unless you are connected outside of the forums, per say Steam friends, XB friends, or PS4 friends, this statement holds no weight.

As for him not showing respect, just because you don’t browse the forums that often does not exempt you from being in the “out-of-the-know”. You can very well search the forums via the magnifier glass in the upper right corner of the site. Search “free to play” then go read other topics. Everyone that checks the forum somewhat regularly has at least seen a F2P thread, and majority of the forum community are sick of seeing it. It is a widely debated topic that has been run so far through the ground, that North Korea now has the tallest flagpole in the world.

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This thread doesn’t feel friendly to me, and it’s kind of treading on the toes more and more of the “RIP” thread, so just use that one to ask your questions about the future of evolve.