Pro/Con's of Evolve going free 2 play


Now here me out. We need fresh players. It’s no secret not many people are playing regularly anymore. F2P could possibly do this! My thoughts.

Evolve goes free 2 play, with tier 1 (maybe include tier 2) being free. The other tiers are $15 each, with single hunters being $2.50 and single monsters being $5.

I’m just looking to breathe some life into a dying game that I love dearly.


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This isn’t gonna help the playerbase. Sure, we’ll get an increased player count.

For a week.

The problem is that Evolve is a tough game. You either get it, or you don’t.

Thought so as well. :stuck_out_tongue:


and that needs to be explained to new players. maybe something in the loading title screen? sure would have prevented a lot of early crying when the game originally released.


Yeah, they’re still not gonna pay attention. Besides, look at this.

So many people skipped the Monster and Hunter tutorials. Then, there’s getting a mic, teamwork, basic knowledge of the game, and on.


this should all be info put in the loading screens. you know, when the game is loading. you can’t skip that!


As if they’ll read that. Besides, hands on learning would be better.


Id do a search for this. its been suggested many times.


Hey, just to let you know that this is a well trodden subject and you may want to take some time to look at the previous posts on the matter. Also, it’s pretty clear that TRS and 2K are locked in to a path right now. If F2P is on the agenda at all then it’ll be happening sooner than later. If it isn’t, then don’t expect any real talk about changing the pricing model until autumn at the very earliest.


the fact is, instead of that first patch a month after the game came out. TRS should have stood up and said, “hey, a lot of the stuff you’re complaining about is just a large amount of players not LEARNING how to play the game”. that’s not what happened. a great example, markov mines got nerfed. WHY? here’s a thought, as a monster don’t dive face first into mines! they should hurt!


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I think F2P is one of the few solid options left to bring the playerbase back up, BUT they need to fix things to make the game more accessible for the average consumer if they’re going to improve player retention.


I hate the F2P business model, personally. It’s a weird trend that’s only become really popular in the last decade or so, and now young people are obsessed with it :unamused:


You mean “hear me out”.

Also, a f2p Evolve is an awful idea.

Also, can’t decide if the thread title is just badly written or purely clickbait.


and letting it die is a worse idea


I swear if I hear free to play one more time…


Maybe change the title as well. It’s like click bait.


Something drastic needs to be done to boost the player count and breathe life back into this game. I think Free To Play is the most likely option to succeed. Make the base game, base hunters and base 3 monsters free to play with additional monsters and hunters costing a reasonable amount (NOT $15!).

I love(d) the gameplay in this game, but when I pitched it to my friends, more than once, they took a look at the price, a look at the game and said that it was too expensive considering the high amount of DLC available.


No one is letting the game die though.
I know it seems like all anyone on the forums talk about now is TU9, but that’s because it’s a giant update that will change the mechanics of the game. And 2K and TRS are in talks right now for how to market it to get the word out that Evolve is still kicking.

A company that does all that for a multiplayer game close to year and a half AFTER release… how can you say they’re “letting it die?” :thinking:


Sadly F2P will barely help it.
Evolves in a state of it just has to go with what its got and a better luck next time in 5 years or more.