Private match?


is it possible to create a private match?
have one friend with u and play as hunters with bots against the monster, or one hunter and the other the monster

thank you


Yes, it’s called custom games.


Yes, and its even possible to have 5 friends play together


thank you for answering


the point is that i dont always have 5 friends and we still like to play in private lobbies without anyone we dont know just joinning the game


oh i no. just thought id let you know that. alot of ppl want to play with their friends as a monster…you can do that in custom games but not in pubs.


is it like so to avoid people kind of cheating in pubs?


yeah cheating or trolling. I think custom will be the best way to practice to get better with good monsters and hunter teams looking to win tourneys.


cheers thanks for answering:)


You also don’t need 5 friends. You can do custom games with any number of people, and fill out roles with AI as you wish (you can play hunters against an AI monster, monster against AI hunters, etc).