Priorities as parnell


I played hyde a lot, really love the guy but sometimes I just wanna blow shit up with big rockets and big guns at rapidfire speeds. So I play parnell.

Do I focus on reload or swapping? What perks do I get?

Currently I’m playing like torvald where I rotate my guns in and out but I dunno if this is as good because shotgun does more damage at close range. Another thing, which abilities do I dodge as parnell if the monster is focusing me (I dunno if burning fuel to dodge leap smash is worth.)


You dodge whatever you feel you need at that time.For example Fire Breath or charge don’t need to be dodged.Rock Smash and Leap do.

As for what to play.Shotgun is always the best.If you are in its face and you can unload 2 full clips on its face thats like 2-3 health bars with SuperSoldier on.

Perks are changed so i can’t recommend.In-fight reload or capacity(if capacity still exists) are good.


In that case I’ll probably go first two tier reload last tier jetpack. Super Soldier gets reduced by reload too so that helps.