Prime example of telemetry being useless


I heard so much that the new hunters are OP and they are going to have MASSIVE W/L ratios. That will lead people to believe their assumption is justified. I do think the new hunters can be extraordinarily strong and may need slight nerfing but the fact that everyone and their mother picks Behemoth’s weak ass right now is completely screwing up data. I hope (and believe) TRS is smarter than to act dry and just look at stats right now.


I’m 17-0 with the rolling death machine.


Well from what I understand next patch we will only see sunny and slim with a little damage Nerf.


How dare you!! My mother picks Kraken, thank you very much! [sarcasm] :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah the TRS guys are smart. Let 'em do their job and the game will only get more and more balanced as time goes on :smile:


Believe in TRS, almost the entire patch that gave us was on point (except for Wraith being hit harder than the rest). Micro patching coming soon, all sorts of scenarios are being looked at being any patch comes out.


I wreck as Behemoth. He’s not weak if you know how to use him effectively. 9 wins, 2 losses so far.


Im commenting just because you hated on Bob
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How do you use him. My premade team always craps on Behemoth unless they spam the roll/heavy attack combo, then we crap on him a little slower…


I heard people ain’t calling Crow OP.

And I disagree.


Offensively, he’s great. I just lost to him too. But he’s usually glitched and gets wrecked within a minute. So with the high usage he has now (because he’s new) and a lot of new and/or out of the loop players coming back in/coming in for the first time, he gets pwned a lot.


Well ive seen my fair share of Goliaths (including myself), Wraiths, and Behemoths getting absolutely brutalized by T4, the only monster that even remotely stands a chance nowadays is Kraken