Price Mismatch


Good Afternoon,
Unsure if this is the correct place to post this, did a quick search and nothing came up of the same subject.

I’m in NZ, pre-ordered the base version of Evolve, love it to bits.

Now I want to purchase the Hunting Season Pass. So i jumped into the store in game and decided the listed price of $24.99 is worth it for me. I click to buy it and am taken to the Steam page where it is listed as $34.99USD (not sure the currency it supposed to be in game, but I assume its US).

I don’t want to call false advertising, but it’s a bit on the nose that the lower price shown in the game store, is not actually what the final price is…

EDIT: Just double checked as per 2nd poster to make sure, and have attach some screenshots as proof. (which apparently i cant do as a new user)



Are you sure you clicked on the right thing in the store? I just checked and it brought me to the steam page and with matching price.