Price inflated

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just want to clarify, why the prices in store inflated? it was really that good from the first release of evolve stage 2, but now i think every character is OP.

thanks for the reply!

Rate of currency gain inflated, so economically speaking the prices then inflated.

You mean “Overpowered” or “Overpriced”?

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Here’s an official quote explaining this change:


It wasn’t just those either though, they also added Accolades and there’s the level-up bonuses, as well as any bonus weekend events.

So overall you have all these ways of earning keys yet the prices for the Store items weren’t changed to reflect all these changes :slight_smile:


About those accolades though. After finishing one there’s no way you can “redo” those missions. So to speak there will come a time where we still gain the lowest amount of Keys per match.

Before the economy update the only time accolades helped me in obtaining keys was from the x10 exp/keys event. After that it never really helped me out on getting more keys. Most of the keys I earn came from Level Up and Daily Sign In rewards. Otherwise I was crawling on the 100 keys per win with the usual 150 from daily challenges and an rng from the resetting challenge.

Right now all of my favorite characters are maxed out and I pretty much have all of the characters I enjoy playing. The rest were either UP or unenjoyable because I didn’t like their playstyle.

Currently I’m sitting on 100k keys and am skeptical to spend any more keys on characters because of the amount of time it would take me to get back what I spent. I probably would only buy the next monster variants and some occasional skins.

Some accolades top out, some have multiple levels. I would hope that TRS keep adding levels to accolades as they added levels to accounts… but it’s not necessarily true to say that there will come a time where what you’ve described will be the case.

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You’re also getting a huge amount more keys for simply logging in from October, as well as four free characters.

I think the price of store items is about right.

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Expensive monsters and expensive characters is useful in the long run. Make Torvald more expensive for instance, why ?

Because newbies should always play basic stuff first. and newbies should not play overly complex monsters or hunters.
it is a good thing price went up, so more gameplay required before you shift to something else.

you dont want a newbie tech hank who doesnt charge the team or missing mortars with torvald. there is markov, just play markov, as example.

newbies playing monster is just a waste of time, play as hunter first to observe how monsters do behave, route, eating and juking team.

and FYI, perk prices remain the same, they are not inflated. this is a good thing. so players dont really waste by buying many random characters but master at none.

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well for instance, newbies don’t know that.

they don’t know that buying perks first rather than characters can help during early game, and if i am a noob and saw these prices i’d probably quit right away.

also playing markov for about 3 months ( since i can’t buy many characters), i’d probably quit early too.

So you’ll buy the micro-transactions currency instead.

which is why i made this

They’re introducing gold keys, and increased silver key prices means more motivation to spend real money on gold keys.

Free rotation characters will also be available. Unless it’s stated that they will stop doing free rotation, but that’s unlikely.

Yeah, tbh quite unlikely haha.
cuz Gold keys are here

they are repeating stuff which brought down evolve 1 in the first place

Why is it so hard to not put content behind grindwalls. Especially content that improves character power. That really bugs me to this day and then you get backlashes like this one.

Lol, what? By making everything free as long as you play the game?



no here are my points

  1. the game is already hard, not everyone is good or pro, bunch of others just want to have fun in playing
  2. silver keys are hard, you have to grind and win to get more REGULARLY
  3. given the 2 points above, if not all people are good, why in the world would they grind for a character worth 20k SK and then lose again because the characters are complicated and the game isn’t as simple as you think?
  4. yes gold keys can save the life of p2p players, but then that’s not going to guarantee you a fun experience in playing because it’s not a guaranteed win for everyone, if you keep on losing with a character you grind for several weeks, would that be fun?

Nothing about the game being hard has anything to do with price

No, really winning matches is one of the least efficient ways to get keys. The most efficient is logging in daily, next (when you’re new) is simply levelling up, next is completing daily challenges (which don’t require you to win), somewhere both more and less than this depending on your level is completing accolades which includes stuff like dealing damage, doming the monster, incapping hunters, playing for a certain amount of time.

Because hopefully people like you won’t tell them they have to win loads in order to afford anything?