Preview skills before buying?


Hey if I want to buy a new hunter/monster is there any way to see their weapons/skills before I buy?


It should tell you what they do under the character art in the store screen. Let me know if I’m correct. If not, then there’s no way that I know of. If that is the case, however, I’d be more than happy to explain the character’s kits to you.


You can probably look for videos on YouTube. Or ask your friends if they have the character. You can go into a Custom game and swap characters to try it out.


They should describe the skills better or give little videos of the character like they did in the tutorial vids of the chars. Are those videos still available in the game?


Videos on Youtube are probably outdated, and the game doesn’t have any menu yet to check the skills.

Stick to the weekly rotation to test the characters and buy the ones that fit your playstyle.