Preventing from being penalized from a false disconnect

I was playing a Monster match, I selected Wraith because I wanted to test some things with her on matchmaking. I got to the start at the starting screen, the monster eating food as the drop ship was arriving. Before I got the chance to move, I was prompted with an error screen saying “Check your network connectivity”, or something like that. I know I didn’t have any network errors, because I was currently chatting with a friend at the time. I brushed it off, went back to matchmaking when I was shown another popup, “You have been penalized for abandoning previous hunt match(es), Your matchmaking penalty will expire in: (30 Minutes)”. I know it’s only thirty minutes, and I also know I can play skirmish, but I shouldn’t be prevented from being able to play matchmaking because of an error evolve made. TRS should implement a feature to either detect how you disconnect, and if it realises you disconnected due to an error, it should at least give you a way to join back, or not penalize you when you get disconnected due to an error Evolve made. Another reason I am typing this is because I’m trying to find something else productive to do, then rather starring at a timer for the next 20 minutes.

just posted as well, just got like a 3576 sec penalty for being kicked out, said i abandoned games way to much which i never do. Had to wait a like 8 minutes for matchmaking to find a game to start and then got kicked out and penalized for about an hour… pure fun

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