Pretty sure I'm in love with Sunny


Her positive attitude, her dialogue, not to mention she’s got a full sleeve inked up? Three checks for sunny lol. Plus I love her abilities. Anybody know if she’s single?


She sounds like a seven year old to me :frowning:


Maybe a chainsmoking 7 year old lol i like her voice, and her character is fuckin sexy


I like Sunny’s story better.
I like Caira’s personality better.
Both are awesome, and I would go on a digital date with either of them.


She sound like someone that are desperate to make friends, either from a childhood trauma or the lack of friends during it.
Friendship is not about pleasing everyone anytime.

Friends argue and disagree with each other. It is not during the happy times you learn who your true friends are, but during the bad times.

So no, i dislike her personality but i do love her tools.


I like sunnys personality (and of course her story. Hoping someday Matthew writes her background to see how she escaped The Sword) but I like Ciara’s voice better. And if it matters, I think caira is more attractive haha. But I’m not that superficial =P


Nothing wrong with finding one character more attractive than the other. People like to believe that “its the inside that counts” and while that is very true, its still good to have standards.

Personally I like Val, she has a stern but funny and mysterious backround, shes got legs for days, and shes a smokeshow. Wam, bam, thank you ma’am.


Val does nothing for me. I’m not into that “too tough for you” vibe she gives off. I do like that she worked for CIG9 though. That’s a pretty interesting job and I bet she could beat me at any strategy game haha


I hope they release her dossier as a pdf file some day, as a joke/point of interest.


Sunny became my favorite Hunter when she gives her rage speech when doing damage to the egg in Nest also she is a total nerd and I find that the best thing about her as well her references to science fiction movies.


So it begins.


Y’all got issues.

And this is coming from the grown man with a pony avatar. :stuck_out_tongue:


We cant help if we find somethiing man made attractive we just want it in the real world so we decide to verbalize it


Nothing wrong with a pony avatar! I’m a grown woman with a rose moniker and avatar. :stuck_out_tongue:

And there’s nothing wrong with this thread as long as you keep it clean. So please, keep it clean? :slight_smile:


[quote=“MidnightRoses, post:14, topic:51190”]
Nothing wrong with a pony avatar![/quote]

Ya damn right. Applejack’s got a shotgun and she ain’t afraid to use it.

Oh, don’t worry. I’m just teasing a bit.

EDIT: Removed large image. Bigger than I thought it was and hard to see with this forum’s color scheme.


I know, that was just directed at the general community here. We’ve had other…similar threads go south and die quickly. If this follows that path, I and the other Leaders/Mods will have no choice but to close it. Which I’d rather not do.

So keep it clean, guys. :slight_smile: Also, Sunny is funny.


The rhymes


I originally thought she was voiced by Numbah Five from Codename: Kids Next Door.

My reaction when I found it was actually Catwoman from Batman: The Brave and the Bold.


Applejack is the badass with an attitude right? My girlfriend has a 2 year old lol so I’ve seen just a little bit.


Eh. Could be referring to either Applejack or Rainbow Dash, really. Rainbow Dash is the athletic one who probably has more of an attitude. Applejack’s the farm girl who just gets shit done without much in the way of bragging.

And I just like cartoons. I write fiction targeted towards young adults, so I tend to watch and read a lot of stuff aimed at younger audiences.