Pretty sure I have bugs here involving behemoth


I go to roll heavy attack and get stopped in my tracks.

Playing against behemoth, after patch, his wall is basically not there.

Try to run away from hunters and get stuck in a tree as behemoth

Again, behemoth, rock wall, no wall

Last but not least, stutter heavy attack then a lava bomb that only sits there… no explosion.

Calling in @MacMan @SlabOmeat & @MrStrategio


Not sure you need Mac or Slab, but @MajorLeeHyper should probably be notified.


Better that I call and not need them then to need them and not call.


Haha I’m pretty sure Strat/Major would let them know. :wink:

Awesome that you grabbed vids of everything!


I try to help out whenever I see something as such


Thanks for reporting these issues. The videos are really helpful. We’ll be looking into them.



Number 3 is the one that REALLY tripped me out, and I think 3-5 are in the SAME match.


Just had this one yesterday in a match, rock wall was basically not there.


Well known one, sadly. I believe they’re working on it.


I’m sure, I don’t doubt. I wanna help.


The first 2 rock wall videos you posted, in your original thread, failed because the behemoth targeted the wall too close to himself. No idea about your new one on barracks, though, I think?


I know what you mean…I hate bugs… Especially the ones that have tons of legs