Pretty please?


I know, I know you just showed off a new map, kinda-sorta, but that was like a muffin without a muffin top, let alone frosting…could we maybe, I don’t know, have the devs throw us a big cupcake-filled bone and let us see a new hunter…or, or, or maaaybe even give us a HUUUGE cupcake with maybe a second ALPHA on top? Plllleeeeaaase…will love you forevers!


We’ll just get a blank silhouette now :stuck_out_tongue:


Well anything to keep the hype train going ^^


the hype train came to a grinding halt when evolve got pushed back to february

it’s going to take some coal and manpower to get the hype train going again


Yup probably a second alpha sized bucket of coal at that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Alpha-sized sounds nice. I wonder if we can petition for a new hunter reveal?


I would be so hyped for a silhouette! :stuck_out_tongue:


Here you go. Because you asked so nicely.


If you drew that, I wanna say that you did an excellent job and I’d love to see a Goliath version of this. That is all :stuck_out_tongue:


My drawing skills are about equal to a moose having a paintbrush in it’s mouth. Thats a card from Netrunner. A really good LCG game from FFG.


We’ve gotta save some spoils for the future! Though I do admit I would like to get to know the new map wildlife better in the near-ish future.


Sadly, no hunter or monster reveals for Gamescom :frowning:


what about other maps or game modes? maybe? please? …please


Not at Gamescom, sorry guys. But maybe we can help answer questions about Distillery? It’s really a cool map


I am still hoping for a lot more gameplay from Gamescom. Will we see any full matches streamed or uploaded to twitch and youtube this week?

Would it be a lot of work for you guys to have a thing like match of the week for us forum lurkers here? @DamJess could make a thread at the beginning of the week asking us what map / monster / hunters we would like to see and since Turtle Rock are playtesting their game on a daily basis anyway they could record one of those matches and upload it for us at the end of the week?

No commentators or elaborate editing required. No new reveals necessary just some advanced gameplay for us to watch… That would be nice imho.


Is the distillery the same size as the other maps or smalleror maybe bigger for all i know? and is the stage 3 objective the same? thank you so much for reply btw =)


I didn’t know this but apparently Twitch is streaming Evolve every day from Gamescom:


damn all are hellah early for me im tryna sleeep! do they like save the videos for later watch? or thats the only times il ever see it


Haha, I would say it is a cool map… down right freezing in fact :wink: