Pretty please TRS

Hey are you guyys working on that parasite one? and if so can u give me a sum-up of what ya got so far

M8 ghetto grape vine has it there making a shape shifter :wink:

The monster will be a parasitic necromancer type with an elemental focus on bacteria, fungus, and acid. We won’t get to looks until later on. Please someone post a link to that topic here since I cannot do it.

i found it i was just confused what we have so far for knockback ability

Ahh. You will have to scroll down to the very end and the discussions will be there. We compiled a nice list of ideas and are picking which ones will be in the next vote.

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Thank you much.


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Hope to see some of your ideas there!

I would love to see some “Help create a(n) Assault/Medic/Support/Trapper” threads in the near future. :smile:

I want to say there are a few by @KingWut117.

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I would certainly second this, and love to see it done, but someone else will have to start it as being a mod I can only handle the one along with modding.

He is hosting competitions which is different from the style used by @SledgePainter 's thread. KingWut117 is basically having a voting system on which hunter ideas do people like the most. But I love the idea of a community building the hunter one piece at a time.

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If it is going to get noticed someone who is a leader, moderator or higher will have to make the thread.

If you decide to do this, and you certainly can, just choose one class to work with at a time. Handling all four will be too much to juggle.

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Gotcha! :smile:

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thanks bro

Would be nice to submit a whole community made tier at once.

I could probably set up a series of polls like this… Unless someone else has already beat me too it!

I haven’t been on the forums for about a day, super busy stuff yesterday lol

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That’d be cool man I’ll try n help/ think of ideas

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