Pretty please TRS


I’ve always wanted game developers to include the community more. When I was playing Bf4 I always thought hey they should hold a contest for new maps of people’s actual towns or something along those lines. I don’t really comment a whole lot on the forums but I’d really love to see a contest for a fan made monster. Some of you guys n gals have some really unique and exciting ideas. Not to mention that be his or her own monster. Can swing both ways to maybe hold 1 for hunter’s, I can tell you right now who ever won would probably keep this game for life hahahaha


The community is creating a monster right now in the help create a monster thread…sorry I cannot link you as I’m on an iPad and currently disabled from doing basic forum stuff. My main system is down. Someone post the link here please? It is a community created monster so everyone is free to come up with ideas and we have public votes on every aspect. Eventually we will submit our final monster idea to TRS with the hope it may get made for the game.


Just like BEHEMOTH


Ohhhhh well now I just feel like an idiot hahaha good love that I’ll check it out thanks for the heads up my man


Don’t feel bad. It is not a pinned thread and with the release of the new shiny it gets buried often. But we are working on getting a vote going for next week, just narrowing down five of our current knock back attack ideas.


Hey are you guyys working on that parasite one? and if so can u give me a sum-up of what ya got so far


M8 ghetto grape vine has it there making a shape shifter :wink:


The monster will be a parasitic necromancer type with an elemental focus on bacteria, fungus, and acid. We won’t get to looks until later on. Please someone post a link to that topic here since I cannot do it.


i found it i was just confused what we have so far for knockback ability


Ahh. You will have to scroll down to the very end and the discussions will be there. We compiled a nice list of ideas and are picking which ones will be in the next vote.



Thank you much.




Hope to see some of your ideas there!


I would love to see some “Help create a(n) Assault/Medic/Support/Trapper” threads in the near future. :smile:


I want to say there are a few by @KingWut117.


I would certainly second this, and love to see it done, but someone else will have to start it as being a mod I can only handle the one along with modding.


He is hosting competitions which is different from the style used by @SledgePainter 's thread. KingWut117 is basically having a voting system on which hunter ideas do people like the most. But I love the idea of a community building the hunter one piece at a time.


If it is going to get noticed someone who is a leader, moderator or higher will have to make the thread.


If you decide to do this, and you certainly can, just choose one class to work with at a time. Handling all four will be too much to juggle.