Pretended to be the Decoy, and it Worked!


I’m hiding behind some massive roots over at the Weather Tower map, hunters are closing in and I’m trying to avoid anymore tracking darts. So an idea pops up. As they as begun coming closer I did a couple traversals in intervals of one another to the left and they didn’t even take a second thought. They immediately began dashing the OTHER WAY, allowing me now to evolve, eat the sloth buff, and eviscerate them for the win.


That is awesome!


Smart monster play there champ.


hah, that is genius! The most fun thing to do as the Wraith is to mess with their minds.


Yup, saw that once.

My Trapper on that day failed really hard.


Well played! Haven’t encountered this myself but now I’ll be shooting every decoy just once to confirm.


So did you spam trversal in 1 direction?
Sorry, I am confused and a big dumb dumb.


Yup, don’t make crazy turns or 'nuthin. Just periodic burst of traversal to give the illusion that I’m invis going the other direction.


What’s the usual behaviour for a Wraith decoy? They just dart in a line with one or two traversals, without reacting much to the hunters?


If you’re close to the hunters they tend to target them, which wouldn’t be a smart idea for me. BUT if your far, they tend to drift off aimlessly unless shot at. Huh, who would’ve thought their clunky ai would help me out ina pinch.


heh, whatever works, I think this is fun, and plays against the expectations of experienced hunters who can tell the decoy by her movements (I can’t, not yet, I tend to shoot decoys and all, haha)


Well then in your case, such an inexperience will be invaluable to your team if a future Wraith tries to pull this on you!


Wraith decoys are designed to use traversal to make themselves obvious and it’s very predictable. I would definitely fall for this the first time if someone did it to me and did a good job of it; i’ve completely ignored plenty of decoys.


Hell, I feel like this would still work even on experienced teams if they established a pattern of their Decoy use and then switched it up. After the tenth Decoy in a row people are going to get sick of shooting it. These sort of mind games are what make Wraith amazingly fun.


The secret is: Decoys have a target they follow. All the time.

When on smell range, the target is to close up and deal damage to hunters. Whennot, they will target wildlife around, killing it.They also use up all their traversal really fast - like if it was to speed them up.


The monsters of Evolve are supposed to be intelligent. This is exactly the sort of play I want to see for all the monsters.


hm well u can hear it without any probs when the wraith decoyed …


hahaha, I’m going to SHINE then!


Props to you then mate. I can’t imagine hearing the animation of a decoy creation even if I was up close.


Good play sir Bravo