Prestige Levels


I haven’t hit lvl 40 yet, but that’s pretty much the end of the road right?

I think they should implement some prestige levels to continue the grind past lvl 40. The reward could be…wait for it…more weapon skins!

The challenges could be class related but not character specific. For example: As any trapper win x amount of hunt rounds while using 4 or less mobile arenas. Or, as Assault kill x amount of Goliaths at stage 1.

What do you guys think? Ideas/ Opinions welcome, especially if you can say it in a Spiderman meme. (Those Memes crack me up.)


Hi Mike,
I moved your post to the feedback section. Also, they are increasing the level cap (probably at the next TU), but a prestige system would be cool.


I like the idea of challenges, with the rewards being special skins. The level cap is less of an issue for me.

Maybe monthly challenges, one for every character all open at the same time, so people are encouraged to try them all?

Definitely a good idea though.


Reminds me of my old topic…



Shin posted the link to a thread already created about this topic. Please use that for further discussion.