Prestige Account?


I browsed a little, apologies if I’ve overlooked it. Was curious if a Prestige Account feature is in the works? I’ve hit level 40 long ago and I would really enjoy seeing some further progression system for long term players.

Cheers and happy hunting!


Ohyah, we had this discussion not too long ago, but the thread was closed because OP wanted it to be.

As far as I’m aware, no, there’s not been anything about prestiging so far.


Blah, prestiging… A Call Of Duty thing…


Haha can’t wait for Prestige 1-10 in Evolve Kappa


I see no problem with this. It doesn’t really add or take away anything.


This would be nice or just raise the max level to above 40. I mean why not?

I started playing on a 2nd account recently and it was nice be able to level up again.


I’d really rather we keep the whole aspects of CoD and prestige as far as we possibly can for Evolve. All it does is bring problems.


It has nothing to with COD. Just because they did it first? Evolve has perks doesn’t it.

Like what?


People that are against it were not providing a valid point

They say we are coping COD . There is no point at leveling up without any perks . Level is only a number . We only play for fun and that’s the only goal.

These thing doesn’t hurt players who were against it at all

Some players like to level up just to give them more reason to play the game . It will have an indirect impact on the player base . Don’t we want that ??

Some streamer have changed their user name
Stormtrooper . Omickey . I notice somplayers did this as well


My point was that it doesn’t have to be prestiging. I would still prefer a infinite level system.


Don’t these contradict? Playing for fun doesn’t need a reward. All a prestige system does it reflect how much you’ve played the game. It doesn’t add or remove anything from the experience. And yes, I wouldn’t want people playing a game just to reach an arbitrary number. People that grind out levels are some of the more bitter players because their focus is on a end goal/number and not the experience itself. Why does every game have to have some sort of carrot/stick method to induce ppl to playing? Why can’t games just exist simply for playing?

  • Experienced players fighting new players.
  • Toxic for new players.
  • Masteries would provide an unfair bonus against new players.
  • What would it even add gameplay-wise?


but what if you get a cool purple text instead of white

  1. I don’t like colored text.

  2. I don’t like prestiging.

  3. It’s just a bad idea in terms of pros fighting rookies.


the game kind of already does that
ive ran into so many level 1s


Yes but it’s not supposed to happen nor is it likely to happen. The last thing we need is every level 40 going to level 1 and ruining the rookies’ day.


what gonna make them run into level ones why cant they just make it to where they have a bigger chance to run into other prestigers

  • That’s even more work.

  • Time better spent in other places is now spent on making (IMO) a stupid prestige system rather than new content or bug fixes.

  • I’m still against this idea 1001% as I feel there’s no need for it.


so we need more maps like broken hills is what your saying


Exactly what I´m feeling about this topic. I just don´t understand the power of these “artifical” sources of motivation like numbers, points etc. If someone let´s him/herself down mainly due to losing points I feel sorry for that person as the true fun potential of this (or any other) game cannot be unfolded. A competitve game is still a game. The feelings and attitude should be based primary on the actual game experience, not on the overview screen with a certain number. Sometimes when I play with people driven by gaining points, I feel even worse after a defeat and it drags me down for the next round…