Press Preview Crashing


I have the press preview through work, every time I load the game I get an error “unable to find crash dump”.
Anyone able to help?


Man it’s like everyone has a damn press copy now lol.


haha yup! Luck…? Or something like that


Yea, I guess so.

I’d like to try and help and see if I can find a workaround, but i have to wait 4 days for that, heh.

Maybe @macman can help?


You are going to need to provide more details if you want support troubleshooting the problem. I have not heard of anyone else with press release getting an error as you have described so you need to give us details on:

What point of the load does the error occur?

Exactly what happens when the game crashes, goes black, locks up. screen flickers etc?

Is portcullis running and authenticated?

What are your system specs?

Any other details that might be unique to your set up? (unusual software like the cry engine SDK or running streaming software, having SLI’d graphics cards etc)