Press/Fan Kit?


Hello, I’m a Youtube content creator, I’m really excited for Evolve and I would like to know if TRS has made available a Fan Kit or something of the genre with renders for the monsters and hunters, it would help me a lot on making thumbnails and videos overall.


Press/media kit

Perhaps as the release gets closer.


I know there’s some graphics floating around the forums, but I don’t think an actual kit has been put together. However, I would love for them to do that. Have a nice place for all kinds of art. Would be very helpful.


Pointing at @DamJess



We do have these, they are nearly ready. Hopefully up by next week!


Aww so close, that way it’ll be a bit harder to make the thumbnails, btw, I see other content creators using the monster and hunter renders on their videos, how did they got those?


Probably cropping a screenshot.


Oh I see, guess I’ll stick to that then.


Did the art kit ever come out? I have been looking for one and can’t find it.


Go to chapter 2. :wink: