Presence of alien civilizations in the Evolve universe


This is not a direct question to the devs, but do you guys think it would be cool if there are alien civilizations in the Evolve universe? Not meaning to go Star Trek here, but considering the information we have being told, that humans have explored a decent section of our galaxy, realistically, it is quite possible that they would have run into an alien civilization ( what I mean by this is a structured society of alien creatures ).

Do you guys think it would fit in to the theme of Evolve? I am open to debate!


My understanding is that the extent of their exploration in galactic terms is insignificant, let alone the universe. We’re talking about exploration of a small part of the Milky Way, and an exploration that so far hasn’t turned up an Earth-twin (Shear is the most Earth like planet in the Arm).

So… in a way I hope that aside from the wildlife which is clearly alien, that we aren’t encountering present and visible alien civilisations, the tech in the Evolve Universe would mean that absence of talking about other non-human civilisations in the galaxy suggests that they haven’t been found yet, and it’d be a bit lame for some to suddenly just pop up.

That said, if it can be worked in so it makes sense, or if we’re talking about a now dead alien civilisation, I’m all for it…I just don’t know how well it feels like it’d work in the current narrative that I’m currently aware of with Evolve’s mythos.


Yeah, it might not fit in at all :stuck_out_tongue:. But I do like the possible idea of a long gone civilisation. Thanks for the input!

Infact, it could be interesting to know around about how far humans have travelled form Earth in the Evolve universe.


Well the monsters are the only aliens of the series that we know of.


Well technically all of the characters could be considered alien since they’re not native to Shear, it’s like when Bucket spots a Monster with the UAV, he says something along the lines of “Aha! There you are, alien! Um. . . other alien.”

Which means he wasn’t referring to the other Hunters when he says that but the actual Monster they’re hunting.


The original concept had maps where they were fighting in ruins from an older alien civilization. They were eventually scraped. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t still part of the whole Evolve Mythos. I would be surprised if there wasn’t some sort of other alien civilization in the Lore.


How do we know the Monsters aren’t biological weapons built by some alien race who isn’t taking too kindly to human expansion. This would explain their weird reproduction and the way they adapt to their environment. The race might be dying out and can’t afford to have their territory invaded by aliens


The only character from Earth is Caira


Are the Mutagens considered an alien civilization? From my understanding there was a conflict with them and Hub during the Mutagen Wars, which Hyde and Lazarus were involved.


ALIENS CONFIRMED IN EVOLVE! Just look at such examples as tyrants, reavers, glaciopods, and steamadons. One of the hunters is even an alien, Daisy, who I believe is from Factor if I’m not mistaken


I would absolutely LOVE a map set in the ruins of an ancient civilization! Climbing ALL the buildings.

Also, @Brandini No, Daisy is not merely an alien. Daisy is something far more sinister…


I thought the Mutagen Wars were fought over a biological weapon or concoction of some sort- a “mutagen” is an agent which induces mutation, or evolution… WAIT A SECOND.


They said it probably isn’t the same cause. Hyde and Val don’t believe these are caused by the same thing


I always thought that Mutagen wars were a Hub x Arm conflict. It would explain why Hyde, who is a mutagen trooper, would be executed on sight if he entered Hub.


No, Daisy is from Shear. One of the clips in the drop ship, you hear Hank ask how Maggie got hold of Daisy even tough Maggie had never been on Shear before. She says she bought her, and that wildlife is a (big?) export from Shear.


All hunters bug Caira=Alien.
A map with an abandoned colony=Awesome


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles confirmed.


I thought so to- I said they were fought OVER some kind of bio agent. So the Hub wants it, the Arm wants it, they fight… History.