Preorders, Special Editions, and DLC Buyer's Guide

Hey everyone. So as you all know, there has been tons of confusion about what is out there for Evolve’s newly announced content packages. I’ve taken some time to find every possible combination of what you could buy, how much you save by doing so, what you get, and how much it would be separately.

click the chart to make it bigger.

NOTE: Behemoth is comes free with preorders on all editions in all locations.

Thanks to @lordweh for inspiring the idea of making a chart. I did a lot of reading and calculations to make sure I am completely clear on prices. If there are any editions or deals you know of outside the ones shown, let me know, and I’ll update things.

For those looking to get every possible thing, the PC Monster Race can be ordered at gamestop for a whopping 12 skins, 2 monsters, and 6 hunters.

As we know, the savings presented to us have not included skin prices, so you will be saving a good bit more than is actually listed. As it stands, a monster is 15$, A hunter is 7.50$, a map is free, and a skin is unknown (TBA).

EDIT: For the GBP customers, here is the chart with values from the UK site:

I will soon return to update the information regarding the now known skin prices in the near future.

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When you realize you Pre-ordered the Base game a week before the Special Editions are Announced



I did that but with my phone.

No biggie. Cancel the Steam pre-order for the regular game and buy the Monster Race edition It has been explained on other topics how it’s done.

Thank you very much <3

Excellent! Now do it all again in GBP. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah just kidding!

Just to point out also, (although I don’t think it will be too necessary) I pre-ordered from a website called, the pre-order gives me the Behemoth, Savage Goliath skin and a free shirt (Large)!

Not sure whether you want to add that or not but just in case!

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Updated with GBP prices! Enjoy!

Hey guys love the game and just got the pre-order but I am a bit concerned over the “Monster Race” package. Is this a reference to Master Race? I am all for puns but you should be careful as it seems like a very racial charged attempt at word play.

It’s in reference to this meme:

it is all in good fun, and none of the content is being made exclusive. Just the bundle.

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Oh I see. Thanks for clearing that up, I was sure the association was unintended. It is a bit of an obscure reference though.

Could you show me a chart of an Australian pre order stuff. Also at Australia, you get the exterminator weapon skins at jb-hi-fi so if I buy the pc monster race edition at jb-hi-fi, do I also get the exterminator skins?

quick shop


Okay, so if i dont want anything unlocked that i could unlock myself, i pretty much have to purchase a physical copy, yes? And then not use any codes? I know its incredibly easy to unlock tier 2, but i dont want anything handed to me. So for a weirdo like me, physical copy? Or is there a digital alternative on xbox?

This game is really good cannot wait to buy it.

Any digital copy that is preordered outside of amazon or the Xbox store won’t mess up your unlocks.

(Sigh) well xbox is my option for digital. I preordered the physical copy through amazon, so i guess ill go with that and not punch in any codes. Thanks!

also, it may help to know that it is strictly character unlocks - not progression. If you want an extra bonus, try gamestop - you get skins as well as the monster pack - no weird unlock stuff.

But the unlocks mean i get to play the characters immediately, right? Characters i would eventually get anyway?

exactly. (10 char typeing limit)