I got the PS4 Digital Deluxe earlier today and it finished downloading 2 hours ago, First thing I will do is play Hunt with the new Assault.


Finished downloading already? Preorder cancelled :stuck_out_tongue:


Have fun! :smiley:


Ha! What a difference a week makes, huh? Enjoy!


Sounds like a good plan :slight_smile:


New assault? You mean Parnell? I’m just clarifying, because the 4th tier guys ain’t actually done yet.


Oh. Well I guess Parnell then…


Wait what? No murder chikun? Oh well Caira is best waifu :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I plan on opening the game going to custon games and putting on the man-eating eels effect because there has been no footage of them i really want to see them in game. After that i will level up monster so i can play wraith. I will unlike you prob play hunters evenly and slowly level them up

Edit: though first i need transfer the data from my brothers laptop to my computer …can only do that at release…thanks alot steam (sigh)


I have a video testing out the man eating eels.


Now, that is fairly cool. I imagine a first time player wandering into the water and being swarmed.


I was surprised how fast they chip your health if you aren’t paying attention :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I think that is intentional. Most players avoid water at the best of times.


I was playing as Goliath with this perk, and while it was there, knocking someone through the water to take extra damage didn’t seem as spectacular.


Yeah, I’m guessing because hunters will most likely spam jetpack as soon as they’re in/near water.

(I just realised. This map effect changes the level into a water level and general game-logic tells us those are the worst :smile: )


Got a detail on one of the Eels. These guys are actually really cool.

Do remember the main purpose of the dam map effects seem to be area denial. Look at the maps right next to dam, Fusion Plant (I think it is at least) has a ton of water already so denying that is huge and Wraith Trap causes the objectives to be incredibly close to infested water.


The Dam Hunter Victory condition that cuts a map up into a smaller section is rough for a monster. There is usually no where to run in order to evolve.