Preordered evolve and never got bonus


I pre preordered evolve and it won’t give me the first monster says I have to by it even found the resets and reentered the code and it said it was already used


What platform are you on?

Also summoning @Jedi_Warrior


Xbox one I’d the platform I’m useing


Go to ‘My Games and Apps’ and press ‘Menu’ on Evolve, then go to ‘Manage Game’. On the right should be a list of items (Tier 4 Hunters if you bought the Hunting Season Pass and Behemoth if you pre-ordered) that are ready to install. You can install them from there.

Hope this helps. :smile:


OK sinceJedi isn’t here :smile:
Quit Evolve . Go to Manage game. Scroll all the way to the right and install your DLC.


Thanks it did


But… but… I just arrived. :cry:


Go to the ingame store, click on Behemoth, and purchase. A screen will pop up saying you already have it, and ask if you want to install.


Ninja’d again.



You can probably close this thread if @ancientmagikarp doesn’t mind.