Preorder Questions


Hey i need to get a code somehow I’ve been looking at Per-Order but it seems like you had to Pre-order before the announcement so i don’t think i can get one from Pre-Order can I?

Is there any other ways to get one?


I think different companies have different policies in regards to that. For some you had to have pre-ordered by the announcement and for others you can still order and get the release (though for practical reasons they probably have a cutoff date). I believe amazon is one of the later so you could try ordering there, but someone else in the forums could probably confirm/deny that last part.


Alternatively you coul try one of te multi-codes but I’m not sure I they still work


This has been asked numerous times please look through the threads before you make a new one.


Preordering from Amazon should give you a code, and not charge until the item ships.


Amazon sent me an email saying if I preorder by the 21st I get access to the alpha


Always a loop hole!