Preorder prices much cheaper then in steam + additional reward. Is it legit?


Saw pre-order steam price that is 30$. But but also i saw few big websites who offer pre-ordering Evolve by 20$, and even more - last of them says that all who pre-order will also recieve “Exterminator Weapon pack”, that will not be avalable for the people who pre-order trough steam.
Proof -

Is that even legit? Because it is hard to believe that someone is selling game not only cheaper, then main Valve shop, but also with some additional bonuses.


Both of these are russian sites. Games have been a lot cheaper in Russia for quite a while now.

Keep in mind, this is the very reason that region locking exists
chances are that those sites are legit but that you cannot activate it on steam unless you live in Russia (using a VPN to activate/play will definitely get your steam account banned!)


This. Part of the reason there’s so much trading from Russians. They can buy a game much cheaper, sell it at a profit, and the end user is still paying less than normal. Personally, I don’t care how often it works, if it can get you banned it’s not worth the risk. I’d rather pay an extra $20 and not lose access to all my games.


I live in that region so that is ok. What wonders me - why steam price for this region is higer? Bying games trough steam is more expencive then just bying it? How can it be? And what about that weapon pack, what is it? I cannot find any official info about it, also - there is no “different weapons” in this game, all weapons are class-locked, so it seems fishy.

Also if its true, ths makes me sad, because i live in Ukraine (same region), and because of current situation in country i barely have money for food, and all my funds that i was saving are in steam wallet. If i would just know, that i can buy it outside of steam and do it cheaper, i would just not put money to steam wallet…


Not sure why Steam prices are different. However, I do know some retailers are offering a weapon skin pack. It doesn’t change the weapons, but makes them look different. Maybe that’s what it is.


I can confirm that european pre-orders also have some websites selling it cheaper than steam will be (Steam has a €50 tag where I’ve seen it for €40 in multiple places already)

Please note that my comment was a mere “this can be legit” and not a confirmation that those exact sites are legit, since I have no idea. It might be an idea to just google the store names and view some reviews on the sites (make sure it’s a independent reviewing site, because everyone can put fake positive reviews on their own site while leaving all negative ones off)


You’re crazy to trust those sites.