Preorder Price in Canada


Thanks for making the game $59.99 rather than $69.99 in Canada! Even though it’s a $10 price different, I really appreciate u guys making this the price since pretty much every game is like $69 in Canada. So yeah thanks!


Also here in Greece were we have euros.I didn’t have to pay 100 euros for the PCMR but 80.So thanks from me too :slight_smile:


Those greedy bastards! Trying to find every angle to milk the consumer, robbing us with DLC, to wring every penny out of … wait, what? :laughing:


And here in Norway, the standard version costs 450 kroner, which is 58,977 dollars, instead of the regular 59.99!
What a bargain!

Actually it used to be, but the Norwegian krone has massively dropped in value because of sanctions against Russia and the oil prices dropping…

But who needs to save money, when you can buy the PC monster race edition!?


While it doesn’t effect me since I Judd up and got the pc monster race version, it’s still really awesome to see them do that since Canada has been screwed over in terms of out game prices, I’m really surprised I don’t hear more about it from news outlets


Yeah I really appreciated this as well. I ordered the Monster race edition on steam, steam lets devs charge more if they want to Canadians, but TR said they didn’t want to.
So I got it for the same price as the folks in the US did, which makes me happy.