Preorder isnt working!


I know I definitely preodered the game! I wanted to play third tier during the beta and that was the only way. So the update has gone thru and even on solo custom matches the behemoth is locked. Do I just have to wait? Or is the game not recognizing that I preordered it?


Are you on XBox One? From what I’ve heard there’s an issue.


Yea I am. If there is im glad im not the only one, do you know if theres a way to fix it?



do you know if thats that just solo play or also online?


No idea, sorry, look for the CM’s replies, there’s probably an answer (damJess is the CM)


Licenses are likely to be for all play, this isn’t an official line from anywhere, but it makes sense that the license unlocks access on your console, not for specific game modes :smile:


Its still not unlocked =.=