Preorder for acces to alpha?


I understand that people with pre-order Evolve will have access to the alpha. I preordered Evolve, but I do not know if I have access to the alpha. I know I’m a little rushed, but I’m so excited!


I wish they would have let on sooner that pre-ordering guaranteed Alpha access…would have spared a lot of folks heartache during the Alpha code grabs…but yes, it says if you placed a pre-order through those places, you will get a code…I expect through email or something. Don’t worry, you will have access since you placed your order.


Ok, I just wait !


Pre ordering = Alpha access makes no sense to me. Afterwards, everyone that wants to can just easily click a couple buttons and cancel their preorder.


I wonder does that mean that the alpha codes we knabbed will have a chance to get in as well? if that code gets in should we just give it to a friend since the preorder garuntees us in?


Yeah this is really abusable, there’ll be so many people who preorder for the alpha and just cancel afterwards. While those who put the effort in to getting an access code are left on the fringes and only might get in.


It isn’t that bad. Many games do stuff like this with early access. You can cancel the game, but the amount of people who do so is small.
People who do this are on the fence, and if they actually play and find it fun, they’ll keep the preorder. It is a fairly good marketing decision, they’re confident that if people play they’ll want the game. Not to mention this is probably stress test time, more people the better.


Will this also mean, that we soon can pre-order Evolve on Steam? Because as of now, it is not yet possible (at least for me in the Netherlands that is, don’t know for other regions).


so if I already pre-ordered would I automatically be in?


If you have preorder on the good shop…


yeah before destiny’s alpha came out I thot the game looked boring and I was going to save my money for evolves release. once evolve got delayed and someone on here actually got me into the alpha I was impressed with it enough to buy it. I imagine alot of people will not cancel their preorder once they play the godlike evolve. plus its 5$…and if you dont buy you can transfer your funds to preorder another game. I preorder all the time and dont buy the game or cancel it .


Steam preorders normally happen a couple months before release. Expect it towards the end of December at the earliest.

From what we have been told so far, yes.


They lost me at the code grabs. It was just ridiculous to think everyone sits all day pressing refresh. I was enthusiastic earlier but my interest is waning as I haven’t heard much news as of yet.


The codes are literally everywhere now. I got one in my email from EA today plus there’s a multi-use one in the blog they posted earlier today… There’s contests hosted here on the forum for some, probably some on twitter and Facebook too. Then, of course, pre ordering as well… you can nearly just get a code by existing at this point.