Preorder characters question


I’m probably just confused.

But if we preordered (basic game only) aren’t we supposed to have access to all the characters/monsters at launch?

Forgive me if I’m wrong of course, that’s why I’m asking. We played in private lobbies tonight and even the 1 of us that bought the super-mega edition early didn’t have any hunters/monsters unlocked.


Misconception. If you were on XB1 during Beta, and you participated in the Beta, and made a my2k account, … you will retain your unlocks.

Otherwise, no.


Oh. We are playing on PC.

Thought we’d have access to all characters/monsters out of the gate and then choose which to level up. Oh well, no biggie, just thought I’d ask.

Thank You


Amazon preorders allowed you to automatically unlock the tier 3 Hunters in the release version. But not any preorder. Probably came with a code of some sort.


Actually it was t2 not t3