Premium Format Figures


I think after evolve comes out they should come out with a line of hunters and a monster on a premium figure sight like Sideshow collectibles. they could release tier 1 hunters and monster first then wait a little while and release tier 2 and so on. Tell me what you think of this idea down below and do you think it would work?


I would fully support this idea, even if it had to be Kickstarted. I also suggest McFarlene or Neca could potentially do the job well.


yeah, hopefully this happens!


I’d definitely be interested in collecting my favourite hunters and the monsters as well.


An absolute NO if it’s McFarlane because they essentially make pre-posed statues instead of action figures. Their figure sizes as minuscule at 3-3/4". What the heck?!? NECA, on the other hand, would be an excellent fit. I’ve spoken with and interviewed Randy Falk, NECA’s head of product development, on many occasions since I’m a collector myself & and Evolve would be right up their alley. Their Gears of War, Aliens & Predator, Planet of the Apes, Pacific Rim, Left4Dead, and numerous other film and video game-related lines are proof that they are the premiere destination for this kind of stuff. Not only that, but NECA’s attention to detail and fan service cannot be rivaled when it comes to action figures.


I don’t especially want action figures or plastic miniatures I want a high quality metal miniature or figurine preferably.