Preloaded evolve but never bought the game


I participated in the alpha a while back since i owned Xcom Enemy Unkown, but i never preordered the game. This isn’t really an issue i’m just wondering why this happened since i just woke up with Evolve preloaded in my library.


The Alpha used the same ID on Steam as the retail release. It’s now available for preload, so it’s popped up in your list.


I was surprised by this too because I preordered but not from Steam. If you right click and choose to delete all files it will dissapear. If you were to download let’s say a game that was free for weekend then the same would happen after the weekend where it would remain in your library and it would ask you to buy it.


How did you get Steam to look like that? Mine is so boring. :cry:


It’s the Metro skin for steam which you can get here from their site :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, I didn’t know, thanks for the information


The only reason i’m surprised is because i got the alpha a while back and when it ended i deleted it and then i somehow ended up with it back in my library just today without a preorder