Preload release Question DEV's


Do the dev’s know when we will be able to pre-load Evolve?
Also since the game is gold now anyway is it possible to allow pre-load to start say Janurary 31st (though mine resets Feb 4th)? Then say Feb 10th just have an update (for balance changes etc)?
If its a steam thing could you ask them very nicely please :blush:

I ask this because the game is 50gb and i would like to spread out the download over 2 months. Cause I would be murdered by my family if i use that much gb in one month :confused:


yeah let us preload please


I prepurchased and I think it started preloading already? I dunno if that was just a confirmation of my purchase since I don’t often do digital downlaods


hmmm i bought mine from Green Man Gaming so i cant see it yet, i assume they will send out the code a week before though atleast


No confirmed but probably.

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I think you need to go back to poking someone for information.


It is clearly the only solution.


50 GB? Thought you guys said 21.5?! The hell?! Xbone beta was 22.5, and it had pretty much everything, so why is this 50 GB?

@SlabOMeat @DamJess Any ideas?


The system requirements say 50 GB of space. It could just be because of the unpacking deal. For beta, I had to make make another 25ish gigs of space after I finished downloading it so it could unpack. Then it gave me the space back.


That would explain it. TY