"Preload" of Emet's Healing Field


It would help a lot if I could “preload” the Healing Field, so during cooldown I’d just press the button and when it is finished recharging it’ll active right away.


So you want the heal burst to auto activate?


Pretty much.


Then shouldn’t there be a way to stop it from immediately activating?


But it doesn’t. It would be up to player to activate it.


I don’t agree.

As Emet being my home-bot medic, I can say that he does not need this. Emet requires a lot of skill, and his HB is a run-off of Laz, where every time it the HB is up, use it. As Medic you have to be aware of where your HB is at.

This ‘preload’ would cause problems where players would accidentally preload it, and then fires when ready and no one gets in range of the HB. This can be a major screw-up since his Buoys can’t out-heal monster damage.

Tbh, I can’t see when/why this would be useful.


For example when you have like 2 second of cooldown left, but you immediately need to focus on something else.
I’m Emet player too and there situations which are way too stressful. Like “throw buoy, keep shooting, evade and keep checking HUD, because teammates need healing” at the same time. It’s too much of multitasking. If I know I need it ASAP, I wouldn’t need to be trigger-happy with Healing Burst and could focus on other things, like saving my own ass.


The wheel at the bottom that shows players health? I just go off of the names on screen. This way I know where my teammates are so when I do use HB, they can all get in on it. It also lets me know where I need to throw buoys because of my teammates location.

Once TU9 comes out, Emet’s HB will be the same strength as his buoys, but I’ve been playing Medic since release, so I might have a vet bias. This means it can dick Emet over if he already cued it and just before it triggered, monster started focusing Emet and he only had 1 bar of HP lost. This like like Rval using her HB when she has no HP lost.

This HB trigger is something I can only see be done on Laz since players who play him forget to use it. Every other medic, including Emet, does not need it.


This will address macropatch (if it will come out).

No, cooldown progress.


I thought Micropatches only changed damage values and not code, but I could be wrong. But if I’m wrong, then there’s no difference between a MP and a TU since they both edit code.

Frankly I still don’t see how how preloading his HB saves 2 seconds…

Continuing from what I said above, unless you have a crappy keyboard where you can’t press more than 3 keys, pressing 4/HB button isn’t a matter of life or death.

Now if you play on console, then it might be harder to use HB if you have finger on different buttons, but frankly I don’t know how those controlers play out.

If this is implanted into the game, I would only want it to be an option that is disabled by default. I do not want new players “preloading” their HB and wasting it then I/teammates need it a few seconds later. But chances are, TRS isn’t going to make config settings for each hunter/monster, so that means that there is a “General” preload button that effects every hunter, and then apply what I said about new players “preloading” to all other classes. Assault preloading shield when they don’t need it, Trapper preloading domes when they don’t need to, Support preloading cloak…


I see no problem letting heal bursts queue like they’ll be doing with cairas Grenade launcher.


I don’t see this valid with any medic except slim, as he is the most relient on it. But what helps the most is to change the keybindings for the class ability to a button on your mouse (I have two where my thumb is, the upper one for pinging and the lower one for the class ability)


I have it on my mouse, but that doesn’t change anything.