Prehistoric Kingdom

Hello. Do you like dinosaurs? Did you like the Jurassic Park movies? Did you ever play and like the Zoo Tycoon games? If you said yes to any of these questions then the Indie game Prehistoric Kingdom is something you should look at! Prehistoric Kingdom is basically a game where you will build a park, build enclosures for your dinosaurs, keep your visitors safe, and eventually kill everyone by releasing the dinos on the poor humans. The game is in pre development and has been working hard for several months to bring a tech demo to the public. The first tech demo will include: the T-Rex and gallimimus and maybe other dinosaurs, a functioning day and night cycle, basic weather, and a kickstarter not far behind it.
Hope you enjoy and eventually I would like to put some images up but I’m new.


How different is it to jurassic park builder. which is pretty much what you explained.


Sounds a lot like Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. That not a bad thing though, I really liked that game. Hopefully it’ll turn out to be a good game!

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It uses the Unity game engine, you will be able to make your own enclosures in any shape or size, oh and I forgot to say there will be avian, aquatic, and ice age animals. Mammoth vs T-Rex. Here is link to website.
Prehistoric Kingdom

they have aquatic and ice age animals too X.X buuutt this is a android game so its not high quality XD

Where did you read that? I’m trying to look that part up! :confused:

I would post an image but i’m not allowed to yet so just go to the Facebook page for best photos.

Here are some images!

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A video and a few pics.
Here is the video. T-Rex Walking and Running

Here are 2 new pics. A updated T-Rex and a new spinosaurus.

I remember playing a Dino-Zoo Tycoon game in high school more than 15 years ago and it was awesome (definitely was not JP-related either even though I was a fan of JP). This is epic, consider me interested.

Dino park tycoon was my JAM! Spent countless hours in elementary school playing that, the oregon trail, and sim city.

Updated models and skins for the male T-Rex and Female Triceratops.

So, beautiful.

Prehistoric Kingdom Facebook almost to 2000 likes. According to the devs they will release something when this goal is reached.Is it a trailer? A new dinosaur confirmed for the tech demo? The tech demo itself!? Only one way to find out. Support this indie game by helping it reach the 2000 likes mark! If only I had Facebook. (don’t ask me why I don’t, just roll with it)
Prehistoric Kingdom Facebook

How did I miss this topic!? I love dinosaur games. I played Jurassic Park Operation Genesis to death. I’ll have to look into this at some point.

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Your welcome! This is a hidden game at the moment but maybe when the trailer comes out other people will find out about it.

What exactly does this game entail? Is it like Primal Rage or a Jurassic Park zoo kind of game?

It is more like Jurassic Park Operation Genesis , which was a game where you make Jurassic Park, but it has more features, male and female animals, it’s using the Unity game engine, there will be marine and avian reptiles as well as some ice age animals, and it’s an indie game. It is planned to be the one of the most realistic dinosaur games at the moment and will have things like dinosaurs having to decide when to hunt, which animal in a herd should it kill, where should it attack from, and if it wants to attack the animals at all. Also only 4 more likes guys. I’ve been following this game since before Evolve was announced.

2,000 likes reached. What ever happens will be posted on this topic. Stayed tuned guys! I wonder what will happen. The end of the world?