Prehistoric Kingdom (New Topic)

Bringing this back now that the game has picked up steam, let’s get into it.
What is Prehistoric Kingdom? It is a tycoon game where your task is to build a zoo that holds prehistoric animals, keeping them happy and making money. While the main attraction is the dinosaurs, there is some support for extinct mammals and eventually permian animals and other reptiles. While offering in depth customization for your parks, letting you design your zoo however you want, you are also given the task of managing the park. Researching new buildings or object, attracting guests with animals and rides, and keeping the animals under control during storms.

Now enough talk, if you have questions I can answer them down below or you can join the discord (link below). Right now the game is building towards it’s first pre-alpha, which will focus on creation aspects of the game. After that is finished the management features will be finished while along the way animals and features are added.

Currently there have been big improvements in graphics as well, particularly in the animals. From feathers to scales, the animals will look better than ever.

And finally if you tune into the monthly devlogs, you get a taste of what’s to come. From animation videos to the weekly animal profiles (seen on the discord), as well as in-depth talks about the various mechanics of the game.

Here are some noteworthy links to follow.
Discord Server-
Latest Devlog-
Unofficial fan Trello board with most relevant images-


I’m on the Discord server and I’ve been keeping an eye on the game for a good while now. It’s everything I wanted as a kid and more, and I get antsy just thinking about it. I really need to buy it on Crytivo for EA, these devs really are working hard and doing their homework and that absolutely deserves praise.

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