Prehistoric Kingdom Kickstarter


New physical rewards added.



We just hit 80% of our Kickstarter goal! We now have 10 days to cover the remaining 20% (aka $11k)!
Enjoy this Guanlong design concept to celebrate!


Sorry for not updating, been a bit busy with car stuff.
In big news though, we have reached $52,801 dollars! We raised quite a lot of money today, and we are on track to reach funding this weekend. Once fully funded, all the stretch goals will be revealed!
To celebrate both 85% and 90%, we got two new concepts for EA animals.

In other news, the Jurassic Patch, which includes 4 new animals (each with 3 skins), graphical improvements, new buildings, and a lot of bug fixes will be released next week (if everything works out).


Prehistoric Kingdom has been fully funded!!!
We reached 100% today and are well on our way to the stretch goals, all of which have been revealed!


Also we’ve hit 3 stretch goals thanks to a generous donor (who may or may not pull it, we don’t know).
We’ve hit Genetic Skins (albino and such), alt skins 1 and 2 for all animals!



Big announcement here.
PK is now partnered with a publisher (more info inside) and an explanation of the future.