Prehistoric Kingdom Kickstarter




I honestly haven’t even played the other dino KS I backed yet, heh.


This one has a free demo out right now. :wink:


Here’s a Baryonyx,

Here’s a male (front) and female (back) Acrocanthosaurus, scaled skin (and default).
Also the kickstarter has so far raised $18,841 in the 4 or so days it has been up.


This game is fuckin’ everything I’ve wanted in a tycoon game since I was a kid. I’m pumped.


Massive update to the island’s grass and textures are coming underway in an effort to bring the graphics up and also make it look more like what it is meant to be.
Also raised $24,475 in only 8 days!


Check out our new Ornithopod Design Sheet! Featuring all the ornithopods that will make their way into the Early Access release, big and small. We’ll be back with some pretty cool stuff tomorrow as well, so stay tuned!

In other news, you can now support us on our Thunderclap campaign:

The website works by subscribing you to the page, and if the goal of 250 supporters is met by its end, it will share/retweet/reblog our premade message on your profile, depending on your preference. This is a great tool we can use to increase the amount of new eyes on our Kickstarter page and to ultimately spread the word efficiently. Any help there is greatly appreciated!

These are my favorite kind of dinosaurs. Also please help by supporting the Thunderclap campign, help spread the news.


Our? :thinking:


The design of the paras is beautiful… :open_mouth:


Copy pasta my friend. I ain’t going to type out all that info when there’s a perfectly fine text blop.


Fair enough, thought maybe you were hinting…


I’m a tester, so there’s that.
Also big news for KS tomorrow. Hint, it has to do with rewards.





Be sure to check out the exciting new and improved kickstarter tiers we have included in the campaign!

Firstly, beta has been moved to $35, meaning you can access the game earlier for a much lower price!

Those who have backed $50 already, do not fret! You’ll not only receive everything below $50, including the beta but also our newly designed ‘Animal Compendium’, including many useful details about the first 50 animals of prehistoric kingdom (behavior, diet, habitat and more).

Another new tier is $75, which includes Early Alpha access to the game as well as the new digital ‘Rangers Handbook - A guide to Prehistoric Kingdom!’ which will include many tips and strategies to help you build a true prehistoric zoo empire.

At $500, not only will you be entitled have everything below but now you will have exclusive V.I.P access to behind the scenes of Prehistoric Kingdom, allowing you to be involved in the development process, give feedback directly to the developers and have an impact on the future of the game!

Just a reminder, anyone who have already pledged these amounts or higher will already have access to the changes, so be sure to not worry about that. All this means is that you will be getting more goodies!



Big things happening.

New island textures, the island looks and feels more realistic now.

WiP Yutyrannus. Proportions are a bit off.


Omg the little feets are killing me


New better image. Don’t know if anything was changed though.