Prehistoric Kingdom Kickstarter


Game has been greenlit! Some paperwork and other Steam related stuff has to be done, and then internal testing (which I am a part of) will go on for a short time, and then the demo will be released to Steam for free!


I will definitely be looking for this demo once it comes out, i loved zoo tycoon and JPOG when i was a kid.

######I was one of those sick bastards that let all the dinosaurs out after i was done with a park


wait, @BearStream what’s the fourth confirmed dinosaur in the demo? i know that the Gallimimus, T.rex and trike are in but what’s the 4th?


That would be Velociraptor.
Used to be Denonychus but was replaced by Velo due to recognizability (people know the name of Velo more).


Ah yes, and it’s gonna be an irl accurate raptor, i presume?


Yes. Actual size and feathers.


I don’t think I know a single person that doesn’t know what a dynonychus is. Velociraptor is more recognized I admit though.


Testing phase has begun. Demo will be released for free within 15 days.
Wish me luck on breaking the game!



Now, just a question, but is it possible to release the dinosaurs, bar the entrances with a fence, and watch mass chaos break out?


Afraid I can’t say anything right now since I am under NDA. What I would say could break it since it’s not public knowledge of what is in the demo.
Keep in mind though it is a demo, just animals and building (that is public knowledge).



Reminder the demo comes out tomorrow!


Pehistoric Kingdom Demo Patch

The first patch is now live! Fixes a lot of issues and adds new features like removing grass from paths and buildings, picking up and moving dinosaurs, and making dinosaurs take shelter during storms (provided there is a shelter).
There is also a lot of new content about what is come in the future, some tips and hints as to what you can already do in the demo, and some nice words of comfort. He’s some images.

Make sure to read all about the new Jurassic Patch, the various AI improvements coming with said patch, the new Nursery UI, the new LIte-Challenge Mode (a taste of what a usual tycoon mode would be), and some awesome images from the community.


Kickstarter is fast approaching, with the Jurassic Patch soon following.


Slated for the Jurassic Patch.


Holy crap this game looks incredible


The game will make both tycoon fans and dinosaur fans happy.


"Our Kickstarter page has been fully verified and will be officially launched tomorrow, at 2PM EST! During the campaign’s run, you’ll have the chance to help us out by donating to the project, allowing us to bring the game to completion and make the dream a reality! Tell your friends!

Be sure to join our launch livestream by the same time. We’ll be talking about the campaign, do Q&A and possibly even show the new demo animals and features! Our channel:"


Kickstarter is live right now! Go donate and watch the stream.
Prehistoric Kingdom, via @Kickstarter
@SledgePainter i know you want to, there’s a scaly T.rex in this game (and feathered)