Prefrence Glithes


There is a bug with choosing the preference characters

For example :

1 :support: 2 :trapper: 3 :assault: 4 :medic: 5 :monster:

Sometimes you can’t swap 5 ) to 1) immediately

It will swap with 4 - 3 and then reversed swap to stuck up with 4 (switching back and forth with 3 )

You have to press x every once in a while to make it work

Second bug :

If you join your friends lobby . For example: You see trapper as your main preference . But it’s actually sets support main preference


I can confirm both of them. Very confusing.

My friend will say something like “Dude, don’t prefer Monster. I thought we were gonna hunt together?” but when I open up the preference slots I can clearly see that Medic is in the 1st slot while Monster is all the way to the right, etc.